If crispy chips and flavorful guac weren’t enough to get customers in the door, Chipotle just announced its trivia game is coming back for another installment.

This week, hungry Tex-Mex lovers will be able to participate in the fourth edition of the game where you get to eat your prize: Chipotle IQ.

If you’ve never played the trivia game, there’s really nothing to lose. All you have to do is head on over to Chipotle IQ to test your knowledge of the burrito chain. Players have unlimited chances to earn a perfect score.

There are 10 questions: a mix of multiple choice, true or false, and write-ins. If players earn a 10 out of 10, they become eligible for one of the 250,000 prizes.

What can you win? Chipotle grub, of course. Winners will get a coupon for a free entrée, such as a burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, quesadilla, or salad, with the purchase of an entrée item at regular price.

The number of winners will vary each day, but it’s best to log on early for a better chance at a free burrito. If players earn a perfect score, they’ll be awarded an extra credit question. If that is answered correctly, they’ll be entered to win $500 in Chipotle dollars. Only 50 winners will be selected for that top prize.

While we know the game is really just a clever marketing hack, we would still do it for the coupon. We basically always have burritos on our brains, after all. Why not put that hunger to good use?

The trivia quiz is available on the Chipotle IQ website from now until Thursday, August 24 at 11:59 p.m. PT, so stay hungry, folks.