There are some places in the United States that are trying to ban the idea behind the ‘everyone-is-a-winner mentality’.

There is a trend over the past 10 years or so where some organizations in youth sports award “participation” to kids whether they win or lose. It doesn’t matter whether they win the ‘championship’ or ‘big game’. They all receive a trophy.

If kids play recreational sports, should everyone get a trophy? It doesn’t matter the age. Right now, there is a NC bill that senators have introduced in order to eliminate participation trophies awards. The argument is that by giving out these all-winner trophies, kids will learn that they don’t have to give 100% effort to be a ‘winner’. Maybe that same attitude will spill over into the classroom when it comes to learning.

Here is the proposed bill from North Carolina:

Youth sports or other youth recreation activities operated under the authority of a local 9 government shall not include awards for participants based solely on their participation in the 10 sport or other activity. Awards provided in connection with the activity, if any, shall be based on 11 identified performance achievements.”

Others are arguing that the idea is not that big of a deal. Why not let the kids that are that young have a trophy? It makes them feel good. Also, the field or the court effort level does not equate to the classroom. 

What do you think?

You can see the bill on the government website right here.