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    Solving the Healthy Lunch Dilemma w/ @emeals

    Saturday, August 30, 2014

    Don’t be tricked by labels that promise health benefits, or fun, colorful packaging that your son or daughter will love. Fruit roll-ups seem like the childhood dream food, but they have three types of sugar listed in the first five ingredients and some brands also have trans fats and artificial colors, which may lead to […]

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    Teen Steroid Use Alarming Findings – Awareness Efforts

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    p5rn7vb A recent research study conducted by University of Minnesota researchers found that teens are using steroids and muscle-enhancing substances at higher rates than previously thought.  The study found that 5.9 percent of boys in the survey reported using steroids, while the rate among girls was 4.6 percent. The findings were surprising, especially since some of the […]

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    Grilling Safety Tips

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    Warm weather and a holiday weekend means the smell of outdoor grills are filling your neighborhood. Follow these tips to make sure your recipe for a safe cookout is as unbeatable as your marinade recipe. Prepare Your Grill And Choose A Safe Location Clean your grill regularly. Grease buildup can cause a fire, and your […]

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Peering into genetic defects, CU scientists discover a new metabolic disease

A Colorado boy and his family play key roles Aurora, Colo. (Sept. 5, 2013) – An international team of scientists, including University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado researchers, has discovered a new disease related to an inability to process Vitamin B12. The disorder is rare but can be devastating. “Some people […]


Tips to Survive the September Meltdown from COO/Mom

p5rn7vb Surviving the September Meltdown By Teresa Taylor Summer is coming to an end, and the kids are going back to school. As a working mom, you would think this would be a relief and allow the family to go back to a familiar routine. Order should return to the household.  Right? Nope.  In fact, […]


5 Ways My Father Influenced My Music

Early sounds: Growing up, my parents had an extraordinary rumpus room in the basement.  It had all the amenities any self-respecting young hip couple could want: There was a bar, a dart board, modern lighting.   It had a plenty of cushioned chairs, a refrigerator, and a clock that had all 5′s on it with the […]

keep your kids safe - alarm system reviews tip sheet

Top Back-to-School Security and Safety Tips – Tip Sheet by AlarmSystemReport.com

As the summer draws to an end, it means not only the return of cooler weather, but also millions of children around the country will be preparing to head back to school. For many children whose parents work, this is also a time when families begin exploring safety and security options. If a child spends […]


PlateTopper Making It Easier to Waste Not, Want Not

San Francisco, CA – August 2013 – To protect home cooked meals this season, there is an easy-to-use and eco-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic wrap and aluminum foil. The world’s first airtight container for plates, PlateTopper, saves food directly on a plate with a patented airtight seal. It’s an effective, super affordable solution for preserving […]

Labor Day Car Deals

Americans Can Save Up to $13,000 with Labor Day Car Deals

With auto loan rates near record lows and auto sales pacing at record highs since before the recession, now is a prime time to purchase a new car. To help save consumers the most money possible on car purchases this Labor Day weekend, GoBankingRates.com partnered with automotive expert CarsDirect.com to uncover the best Labor Day […]