Magic-Bird Broadway Show

As a fan during the Golden Age of NBA (not a slight against today’s product – but nothing competes with the Lakers – Celtics rivalry) the 80s centered around the competition and friendship of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  A few months ago, I attended the Longacre Theatre and enjoyed a walk through memory lane.  I enjoyed the HBO film, Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals, and  Johnson’s story was more recently chronicled in ESPN’s The Announcement.  The one-act 90 minute play covers a 13yr span and  various locations.

  • The NCAA Final Four
  • The Racial component
  • The Converse Sneaker commercial
  • Lakers / Celtics rivalry
  • HIV / AIDS announcement
  • The Dream Team: Barcelona / Olympics

 Special THANKS to THE MOMS for the invitation and opportunity to share the special evening.  It was also great meeting the good folks at Kid’s Foot Locker and the Max Cure Foundation.

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