Hockey, like all sports, was impacted greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, its revenue is rebounding now, and is projected to hit over $5 billion for the 2021-2022 season, a record number.

That’s great news for hockey fans in the lead up to the Stanley Cup semifinals.

The teams that qualified are the Colorado Avalanche (2 Stanley Cup wins), Edmonton Oilers (5 Stanley Cup wins), Tampa Bay Lightning (3 Stanley Cup wins) and New York Rangers (4 Stanley Cup wins).

Hockey Fandom in New York (1=Best; 36=Avg.):

  • 12th – Performance Level of NHL Team
  • 19th – Avg. Ticket Price for NHL Game
  • 24th – NHL Stadium Capacity
  • 2nd – Number of NHL Stanley Cup Wins
  • 21st – NHL Attendance
  • 1st – NHL Team Franchise Value
  • 24th – NHL Fan Engagement

Stanley Cup Facts

  • $14.5M  – Highest NHL salary for the 21-22 season (Erik Karlsson), compared to $45.8M, highest salary in the NBA (Stephen Curry).
  • 3.5M  – Average viewers for the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens (second least-watched Cup clincher in two decades).
  • $4,659  – Price of tickets for the 2021 Stanley Cup Final (the most expensive ever recorded, more than double the amount of the previous record from 2018). 

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