BabyBjorn High Chair

I had a chance to meet with Jakob Wikner from BabyBjörn recently at an event in New York City. This guy not only is a snappy dresser, he’s also the product designer for BabyBjörn’s high chair. Jakob and I were chatting about the new chair and I asked him what I think is the most important question, ‘Do you have kids?’. It turns out that he does indeed have children (Score!, we’re on a level playing field now, time to grill him). Next question, ‘So, uhh… do they use this chair?’ to which Jakob answered, ‘Yes, everyday’. So there it is, the man behind the chair using the chair with his own children and standing behind his product. What more can be said? Go buy one the end… well, actually keep reading after you look at this video from the event.

Here’s a video:

Still here? So a little bit more about this chair, this is BabyBjörn’s frist high chair offering and it has been years in the making; from what I’ve seen it’s been worth the wait. At first glance the chair is noticeably smaller than other chairs on the market, don’t let that throw you. The chair is designed to incorporate the traditional BabyBjörn sleek and modern design aestetics with a low form factor for easy storage and manuverability. One of the most important features which you’ll notice in the video below is that it is also designed to place your child in a more proper upright eating position. In addition the high chair features a safety table that folds and locks to encircle baby, and prevents him from standing in the chair or causing it to tip backward.

Would you buy this? I’ll answer for you, yes. Why?

  • Foldable for easy storage (especially in spacious one bedroom apartments in Manhattan). When folded the chair is only ten inches wide, great for easy storage.
  • There are two-stage childproof locks which ensure that a child cannot open or close the foldable table or fold the high chair on his own.
  • It’s small but there is just the right amount of weight to this product which makes it feel safe and sturdy. It weighs 11 lbs, is 38 inches tall and is made from durable, BPA-free plastics.

It’s priced at $299.95 and available for pre-order at right now! It will be available in specialty stores beginning September 1st, 2011.

I would rate this product a 3.5 out of 4 full, uninterrupted nights sleep. (It gets an extra .5 because it’s BabyBjörn and BabyBjörn is just like, cool, you know?)


  1. Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom

    Yie! That price point is so high! But it does look super sweet.

  2. development Chisinau

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  3. Epoe

    small = good for us who live in the Big Apple.

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