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6 Things We Need To Stop Saying To Bereaved Parents

Joan Markwell knows the gut-wrenching, hollow feeling left behind when a child is taken too early. It’s a feeling that mothers have experienced recently and throughout the last few years after tragic attacks in Orlando, Manchester, London, San... Read More

Child Predators: Beyond the “Creepy” Stereotypes

By Joelle Casteix Child sexual abuse acts like a nuclear bomb in a community: While not everyone is immediately injured, the effects and pain for everyone involved can last for decades. No one teaches people how to react when someone they know is... Read More

8 Tips for Teaching Writing in the Digital Age – @LWathh

By Lisa Wathen Learning in today’s digital environment has many advantages that would seem to maximize student success and prepare them for writing in college. Students have more access to content that can be differentiated. Teachers can provide... Read More

Comprehensive Sex Ed Not Working in U.S. Schools

The Institute for Research & Evaluation has released the results of a new analysis, entitled “Re-Examining the Evidence: School-Based Comprehensive Sex Education in the United States,” which examines the outcome research on sex... Read More

7 Challenges Parents of Teenage Girls Face With Regards to Sex

Dr. Sherrie Campbell Very few things in adolescence are certain but there is one thing upon which most teenage girls agree, and that is they must be sexy. They feel that they must wear the short-shorts with their rear-end’s hanging out to fit in and... Read More

5 Ways to Parent the Forgiveness-Cure

As parents we must teach our children the realities of life.  Life hurts us, people hurt us, we hurt other people and we hurt ourselves. That is what relationships and life are about. The sooner we let our children in on this secret the healthier... Read More

How To Teach Your Children To Handle #EMERGENCIES Without Scaring The Bleep Out Of Them

Discussing possible emergency scenarios with one’s children is never a pleasant topic. Parents do not want to frighten them or create new anxieties. Dr. Sanam Hafeez is a New York City based Neuro-psychologist and School Psychologist who has an... Read More

I Love My Friend but I Hate Her Kids: Five Ways to Cope

By Dr. Sherrie Campbell Isn’t’ that the worst thing to have a friend you adore but you cannot stand her kids? No doubt this puts a strain and wedge in the relationship.  You have to decide when and how to spend time with her.  It isn’t always... Read More

7 Steps to Becoming a Well-Behaved Parent

Are you a Well-Behaved Parent? We are all so concerned about our children’s behavior, and yet so often, we are acting like jerks to our kids. We lose our patience with them, yell at them, tell them what to do without saying please or thank you,... Read More

Prepping Our Parents Before School Begins

Sure, you need pencils and books, but we need to prepare our children for heading back to school emotionally.  Here are some ways to connect with your child on back-to-school issues–from anticipated fears to finding new ways to have... Read More

Discipline is the Highest Form of Love

Discipline is they key to raising functional happy children. What this means is that parents need to, first and foremost, be disciplined themselves. If a parent isn’t disciplined there is no chance of disciplining their children correctly. ... Read More

Verizon commits $10 million to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Verizon today announced support of South Texas through a $10 million pledge to fund Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The nation’s most reliable wireless provider has partnered with local and state government officials to identify four... Read More

Positivity: Moving Forward After A Family Separation

Sometimes you and your family can face challenges that seem like they’re only ever going to have a negative impact on your life. When a family is going through a separation or divorce, there are thoughts and feelings to consider, especially regarding... Read More

Why Is My Kid Shutting Me Out?

By Sherrie Campbell, PhD Our children are our lifelines. We have ideas and images of how we want them be, feel and grow. However, sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own perception of whom and how we want our children to be that we lose sight of who... Read More

Tips for Guys to Man Up to Their Children

What happens when a man has met a woman who really makes him happy but his teenage kids hate her for no reason?  If a man is not strong in his own Self he stands to lose it all in this situation… the respect of his kids and the loss of a love. ... Read More

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