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PayPal Makes an Ultimatum

When you’re checking out, you mindlessly swipe your card. But beyond that swipe (or typing your card number online) is a series of complex events. 🧠  Generally, credit card companies take a cut of each transaction. Then, the card... Read More

PortoVino Messenger Bag

PortoVino Messenger Bag Retail Price $79.99 Dads can enjoy their drink on the go with this bag! It has a hidden zippered insulated pocket that holds the party pouch – a reservoir that stores and pours up to 2 full bottles... Read More

A ‘W’ for Amazon​

Amazon has been the center of attention lately. Today, JPMorgan published its report predicting Amazon will become the US’ largest retailer in 2022.  JPMorgan’s report called Amazon’s business the “fastest growing at scale.” Analysts... Read More

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