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3 Surprising Ways Video Advertisers Can Beat the Ad-Blockers

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find a video advertiser or marketer who’s unfamiliar with the growing problem of ad blockers. As of January 2017, advertising analytics company PageFair discovered 615 million devices employed some sort of ad... Read More

The Bright Side After Divorce

When your divorce is finally final, how do you begin again? The transition can be liberating for some, daunting for others. Mixed feelings – anger, relief, sadness, joy, fear and uncertainty – are common and may take time to sort out. Meanwhile,... Read More

Memorial Panorama of NYC to Honor 9/11 Anniversary w/ @EarthCam

Today, September 11th, marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. To honor and remember the events of that day, EarthCam will be sharing a commemorative panorama of the New York City skyline including the Tribute in... Read More

September 11th

Those of us who were present in NYC during the attacks in 2001 have memories that we will never shake. First responders went to funerals for a year. Losing nearly three thousand lives meant that, even in a city of 8 million people, almost everyone... Read More

70% of People Don’t Know Credit Scores Affect iPhone Bills

With the iPhone’s 10th anniversary model expected to be released in mid-September, the free-credit-score website WalletHub today announced the results of its nationally representative iPhone Launch Survey to help consumers better understand the... Read More

Apple And Amazon Eye James Bond Franchise

Apple and Amazon are both bidding for distribution rights to the iconic James Bond film franchise. MGM and Eon Productions own the film rights but aren’t involved in any distribution activities. Sony’s distribution deal for the franchise ended in... Read More

6 Steps You Should Take Following Identity Theft

Identity thieves are opportunistic. They tend to exploit simple vulnerabilities in individuals’ personal information security practices, and each critical piece of information or account they garner access to can help them steal more. Signs of fraud... Read More

5 Tips for Dealing with the Equifax Breach

A data breach at a credit bureau may be ironic, but the fact that roughly 143 million consumers’ records were stolen from Equifax also has big implications for people’s wallets. So the free-credit-score website WalletHub has some tips for how... Read More

Facebook Watch is LIVE for all US users

Today, Facebook officially opened its new Watch tab of original video content to everyone in the U.S. after a limited rollout a month ago and expansion to some more users last week. Available on Facebook’s native mobile apps, desktop site, and TV... Read More

The #BackToSchool Lunch Meat Opportunity

As summer comes to a close, students across the U.S. are heading back to school and parents are once again facing the pressure of packing healthy lunches that their children will eat. As parents think about their upcoming trips to the grocery stores,... Read More

Reviewing Podcast Fans And Their Purchasing Power

There’s little doubt that podcasts, which have long been un-tethered from the iPod, are a media force to take note of. In fact, more than half of U.S. households are home to podcast fans—that’s more than 60 million homes. And while the reach of... Read More

79% of Millennials Vote Netflix for Best Original Content – @LendEDU

Long gone are the days of building your schedule around the 9 p.m. showing of some crime drama on a network cable channel. As 21st-century American consumers, we want our entertainment when we want it with the ability to watch multiple episodes in a... Read More

Back-to-School Shoppers: Avoid Dangerous Fakes – #ShopSafe

Back-to-school season is upon us. That’s good news for parents and shoppers who want to find great deals on clothes, shoes, and electronics. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when sophisticated counterfeiters prey on hurried shoppers and... Read More

Star Wars #FindtheForce – global (AR) event rolling out on Force Friday II (September 1)

Following the global phenomenon of Force Friday in 2015, Disney and Lucasfilm today announced Find the Force, a global augmented reality (AR) event rolling out on Force Friday II (September 1) to commemorate the worldwide launch of new products... Read More

“HUMANS OF NEW YORK” Docuseries Coming to Facebook

As seen in The Hollywood Reporter, the docu-series, “Humans of New York”, based on photographer Brandon Stanton’s popular blog of the same name, will debut on Facebook’s new platform, The Watch, next week.  The 12-episode... Read More

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