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5 Podcasting Errors To Avoid – @Spreaker

Do you ever look back to when you were starting out podcasting and kick yourself over things you wish you had done differently? Stuff that you later figured out were making it hard for your podcast take off? Setting up a podcast is a learning... Read More

The Path of a Student Loan

When a student takes out a private loan, that is only the first step in a complicated process. ... Read More

On-demand audio streaming numbers continue to increase.

It’s been an action-packed start to the year, with records broken, chart history made and several categories growing quickly. Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl and saw a spike in sales, Drake shattered streaming records, and Future hit number one... Read More

#MarvelsInhumans – New Trailer

Marvels made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con in a new IMAX trailer for attendees. The two-minute sneak peek features our first glimpse at Medusa’s hair-raising abilities, as King Black Bolt’s resilient warrior wife goes after power-hungry... Read More

San Diego Comic-Con: DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender S3 Teaser

San Diego Comic-Con:  Voltron fans were welcomed by the ominous voice of Prince Lotor imploring all enthusiastic panel attendees to take their seats before a screening of the premiere episode of season 3 of the critically acclaimed Netflix original... Read More

Mozilla & Rooftop Films Announce Film Screening About Society’s Relationship With The Internet

Brooklyn, New York – July 18 –  Mozilla, the non-profit behind the Firefox browser, is excited to support Rooftop Films in bringing a memorable evening of film and discussion to The Courtyard of Industry City, in beautiful Brooklyn, New York... Read More

MEEM charging and backup device gets it right

 Once in awhile you come across a new piece of equipment that seems so obvious that you wonder why it hadn’t been created sooner. The Meem automatic “Charge it up = Back it up” is one of those devices. In a single easy to install... Read More

2017’s Best Beach Towns to Live in…

With summer being peak moving season, the personal-finance website WalletHub took a close look at 2017’s Best Beach Towns to Live in. To determine the most livable beachside communities, WalletHub compared 227 cities across 49 key metrics. The... Read More

Which #GameOfThrones house does each state love most? #GoT

Winter is coming! Game of Thrones returns to our screens this Sunday, with this season promising to be one of the best yet. But where do America’s Thrones loyalties lie? Do they stand behind the House Stark or align themselves with the House... Read More

4 Self-Inflicted Missteps That Get Brands Into Trouble

Remember Blockbuster? At one time, the chain of 9,000 video-rental stores seemed to be everywhere and families spent their Saturday evenings perusing the shelves for the latest releases. But as the industry and the world changed, and movie-renting... Read More

3 Tips For When Company Culture Goes Awry

Frequent fliers may look back on 2017 as the year those supposedly “friendly skies” turned into “chaotic clouds.” The list of airlines in trouble seemed to grow by the day, whether it was cancelled flights that led to near... Read More

An Eric B. And Rakim #PaidInFull Documentary?

Eric B. & Rakim reunited for a concert at the legendary Apollo Theater to recognize the 30th anniversary of Paid in Full, it was a celebration to remind us of rap’s long-enduring culture. The event was filmed as a concert documentary that will... Read More

You Are The CEO Of Your Life – So Take Charge

Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you’re living what seems to be an existence without direction. When life fails to meet expectations, it’s easy to throw up your hands or blame your woes on other people and circumstances beyond your... Read More

5 Body Language Tricks to Show You’re a Hard Target

It can take a criminal less than seven seconds to pick you as a potential target.  By presenting yourself as a hard target, as someone difficult to compromise, the predator will move on and look elsewhere. Studies have shown that a predator will... Read More

10 mistakes smart people never make twice

Everybody makes mistakes — that’s a given — but we don’t always learn from them. Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again, fail to make any real progress, and can’t figure out why. “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one... Read More

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