So the little man is four months old now, maybe we’re a bit late to the party on this but we’ve been slowly introducing formula into his diet. Thus far we’d been making him a bottle by scooping the formula out of the container and putting it directly in the bottle. Now there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that if there’s a better way I’m all for it. At times we’d get creative, for example when packing up to go to grandma’s house we would measure out the formula to water ratio and pack three to four bottles and packets of formula for the day. This worked well but there’s a better way.

Let me tell you about tommee tippee’s closer to nature feeding bottle and formula dispensers. Here’s the deal, as a parent you have a certain amount of hours during the day and as a new parent 99.9% of those hours feel like they’re focused on the baby whether it’s holding, changing, cleaning, feeding or staying awake when you should be sleeping. If there’s a chance that I can save a couple of extra minutes during the day I’m all over that. With the tommee tippee’s closer to nature feeding bottles and formula dispensers you can.

Let’s say that little man eats every three hours, that’s 8 times a day. That’s 8 times a day I have to measure the formula to water ratio. I’m all about efficiency, I now look forward to that extra couple of minutes I can save and spend on myself. I no longer have to deliriously prepare bottles piecewise for the little man every three hours. I’m all sorts of Henry Ford assembly lining this process with the help of tommee tippee’s bottles. This is especially great when we’re taking the little man out or over to grandma’s house, we can prepare these bottles in advance and deliver them to Mr. Cryslikeamaniacwhenhe’shungry.

If you’re using formula do yourself a favor and go and pick up some bottles and formula dispensers post haste. For more information: Also, check the video to get a better idea of how this works!

I would rate this product a 4 out of 4 full, uninterrupted nights sleep. It’s AWESOME.