HTC Status: Review and Giveaway

Recently, I was able to review the new HTC Status™ thanks to our kind friends at AT&T.

The HTC Status combines the best  features of your typical Blackberry and iPhone devices into one light, versatile, and highly functional Android based smartphone. The Status provides a full qwerty keyboard for those of you who prefer a more tactile approach to composing messages as well as a touchscreen for those times when a trackball device just won’t do.

The HTC Status runs on the Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) platform, AT&T’s first smartphone to do so. It is also the first phone in the US with an enhanced version of HTC Sense™ that integrates Facebook into more places than ever before. Plus, the front and rear facing camera are clutch when it comes down to updating your profile in Facebook!

My wife had been taking many… many pictures with her old and outdated smartphone and sharing them with friends and family. I thought about the fact that she never really took to the onscreen keyboard that you’ll find in most smartphones today. When I first read about the new offering from AT&T I immediately thought of my wife and asked her to give it test drive and share whatever thoughts came to her mind.

So without further adieu, here are some of the experiences as seen through the eyes of Mrs. James:

I didn’t think twice about my cell phone before I had a baby.

Don’t get me wrong. I used it constantly to read emails, snap photos, update Facebook, get directions, look up restaurants, check the weather, and oh yeah, make calls. But I never thought twice about relationship I had with my phone.

Then I had a baby.

Aside from looking up restaurants, because let’s face it, there was no dining out to be had until well into the fourth or fifth month, I still used HTC Status™ for all the same functions that I had before. Except now there was a tiny baby in my arms.

I held my son around-the-clock, or so it seemed. When he wasn’t nursing, he was sleeping in my arms. When he wasn’t sleeping, he was being walked, rocked, gently bounced, kissed, cuddled and hugged. There were days I didn’t shower because well, you need two hands for that.

So you get the point. My babe and I were up in one another’s business 24/7.

And it was pure bliss.

But while the little one slept, I often used that time to listen to music, ramble off emails to other news mom’s (mostly with the subject line: Help!), and look up articles on sleep training—all on my HTC Status™. Combined, the amount of time me, my baby and my HTC Status™ spent together almost made up an entire day.

It was late one night that I realized my son could very well grow up thinking his mama had one regular hand and one rectangular hand that make funny beeps and played silly songs. The idea that my baby would learn to associate his mama with a cell phone was too much for my severely sleep-deprived self to handle.

So I made a rule. No more cell phone while I’m holding my son.

But that lasted about a day.

I realized the Pandora app on my HTC Status™ had become a crucial part of our bedtime routine. (Bath, pj’s, bottle and about an hour or so of Alexi Murdoch lullabys usually did the trick.) 3,000 stored photos later, I realized my son’s entire first three months had been solely documented, not to mention cropped and retouched, by the 5.0 MP camera on my cell. (Honestly, who had time to frame a photo properly when goopey rice cereal is bring hurled at you?) And I realized that thanks to the the Facebook share button, I could keep multiple sets of grandparents informed of our baby’s every move with the simple touch of a button.

As a new mom, anything that makes your first few months easier is worth its weight in gold. Aside from taking over the 2am feeding, I pretty much counted on my HTC Status™  to handle everything from text messages to my husband (Pick up pizza for dinner or starve!) to notes from the doctor (yellow poop = good, green poop = bad) to calendar reminders that our teeny, tiny little boy was about to turn one month older.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. September 9th, 2011.
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Disclaimer: AT&T and HTC supplied the Statusfor this giveaway. Limited to the USA.


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  98. Craig

    I love the dedicated facebook button and the physical keyboard. I’d love to have this phone! My twitter name is @wvucraig

  99. Andy

    I like the idea of the Facebook button, also the QWERTY keypad with raised buttons, looks good for typing with u r thumbs. I would love one 🙂

  100. Evan Piascik

    The htc status is amazing because it combines the amazing ui of Facebook, with the status upfront of twitter(fast status updates) no pun intended

  101. Josh

    Ok I like the full keyboard.

    Twitter is jtkoon12345

  102. Nolan

    I love the fact that it has Android on it! #Android #FTW

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    This phone is the perfect way to switch from the Nokia E71, into the world of HTC and Android!

    • Mark

      oh, and my twitter is @Xebozone

  104. linzo

    This is quite a cool device, yes sir, I would definitely agree! However I must also agree that the inclusion of that delicious baked treat, umm you know… that gingerbread delight, is quite a noteworthy feature for such a device!

  105. linzo

    This is quite a cool device, yes sir, I would definitely agree! However I must also agree that the inclusion of that delicious baked treat, umm you know… that gingerbread delight, is quite a noteworthy feature for such a device! I must also say that I am in the mood for such a treat at this very moment! aha, maybe I will “cha cha” over to the kitchen for this exact reason!

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    I liked the qwerty mixed with social apps. Plenty of space between keys for smooth type.
    Android Gingerbread adds to the awesomeness. Android apps are the most rated currently.
    Android users know the benefits like me.. knows the worth well 🙂

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