My Son Loves Spinach!!

As a dad what a pain it is to get my son to eat healthy things!  It can really wear you out.  In our family I am the one who does the cooking.  I love to cook and it is one of my favorite times of the day to get in the kitchen every morning or evening to prepare a meal for the family.  I also feel a responsibility to make sure they are eating healthy.   So while my wife and I eat a fairly healthy diet with variety my 3 year old often sticks up his nose at whatever we are eating unless it’s a cheeseburger or Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  Ohh he eats some other things too and he does like fruit but vegetables have been out since the days of him eating baby food.   I have been into trying to disguise healthy things for him to eat every since he was a baby and I would feed him Boca Burgers.

About a month ago I was watching the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and they were selling a Wolfgang Puck  high speed commercial blender.  I know, I know, I don’t usually watch HSN all the time but I will flip to their kitchen items every now and then as they will often run great specials on small electrics and other kitchen products.  They have a great return policy – free return shipping no questions asked up to 30 days or more so I am not worried.  Anyway, I bought it with the intention of making fruit smoothies for us at home.  We do go to Smoothie King a lot and I thought I can do this just as well at home and more often (and cheaper).   What I didn’t know was how many smoothie recipes there are online and how you can add vegetables to you smoothie!

So at least every other day for past month I make smoothies for my family.  Green smoothies don’t have to be green in color!  What goes in everytime?  Celery and Spinach!!!  Yes, a lot of fresh leafy spinach!  Other things go in as well like bananas, grapes, blueberries, just about any kind of mixed fruit. Most of these are purple looking or so.   Maybe dump in some natural applesauce or what not.  Seriously folks, this is making it up as you go.  Now, the chances of my son eating spinach, celery, and cucumbers is just about 1 in a million.  Well, maybe not 1 in a million but a lot especially in one sitting.  Now he has a big serving of all of these items almost every day!  At Costco you can get 4 lbs bag or frozen organic peaches or antioxidant blend of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc for about $8 dollars a bag.  We are so pleased!!

My son Garrett drinking his "Green" smoothie!

I am been reading a lot more about vegetable or “green” smoothies and there is so much information on the internet.  Just simply Google “kids green smoothies” and a bunch of stuff will come up.  Also,  I am pretty new to the smoothie world but catching on very quickly given the recent success of my son eating greens this way.   Purchasing the Wolfgang Puck high speed commercial blender has been fantastic.  I know there are high dollar Vitamix blenders out there and several other manufactures as well.  I can’t really speak to anything of those yet although I can tell you the Wolfgang Puck model does work pretty good.   If you son is a picky eater like mine especially with green vegetables I would highly recommend mixing them into a fruit smoothie!


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    I agree. Puree it, and they’ll eat it.

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