#TheAquabats! Super Show!” Season Two returns June 1st

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On Saturday, June 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET, “The Aquabats! Super Show!” returns with an all-new episode called “The Return of the Aquabats!” When The Aquabats return from outer space, they are received as heroes who saved the world, but are quickly overwhelmed by all of the people needing their help, as well as by a super-powered enemy. Special appearance by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. 

“The Aquabats! Super Show!” (Hub Network Original Series – Live Action)

From Christian Jacobs (“Yo Gabba Gabba!”) comes “The Aquabats! Super Show!,” which was just nominated for a Daytime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Children’s Series. The Aquabats return to take on their new roles as saviors of the earth! The greatest crime-fighting, kids rock band ever assembled is back with all-new episodes and even more dastardly villains, as The Aquabats continue their never-ending quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all! “The Aquabats! Super Show!” is produced by Awesome Forces Productions and executive produced by Christian Jacobs, Jason deVilliers, Donna Ebbs, and Nate Rogers. Airs: Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. ET


 Some Season Two Super Facts:

1. This is the first show in kids television history to feature a ‘real life’ rock band in totally ‘unreal’ comedy-action-musical adventures.


  •  Guest-star celebs include famous pro-skater Tony Hawk in a cameo role in the premiere episode and Guest Writer/Director Gerard Way (“My Chemical Romance”).
  • After crash-landing back on earth, The Aquabats find that they have been chosen as earth’s defenders.  
  • With all-new original music, all-new commercial parodies, Lil Bat animation sequences, outrageous new villains AND five different animation styles that will finally reveal the true origin of the ‘bats!

3.  The series just received its first Daytime Emmy® Award nomination for Outstanding Children’s Series!

4.  Note that Season 1 comes out on DVD on May 21st

    • “The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One!” Is a 2-DVD deluxe collection including the following bonus features:
      • Audio Commentaries
      • The Original Pilot
      • Blooper Reel
      • Behind-the-Scenes Clips

5.  Upcoming concerts? The Aquabats are coming back to San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 18th at The House of Blues


6.  And most importantly —-  (PREMIERES SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1 PM EST/ 10 AM PST on Hub Network!)



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