GetAJobIn GET A JOB: 10 Steps to Career Successcareer expert Kathleen Brady, CPC offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for navigating each step of the job search process, including the art of professional self-evaluation, creating a polished resume and cover letter, and developing networking, interviewing, and negotiating skills.

“The job search is overwhelming for many people because they have this notion that everyone else knows something they don’t. It is this fear of the unknown that paralyzes job seekers,” Brady says. “GET A JOB! eliminates some of the unknown by arming each reader with a systematic action plan to carry them through the job search process.”

Brady is an iPEC-certified career management coach with more than 25 years of experience helping people identify their dream jobs and realize their professional career goals. She designed the exercises in GET A JOB! to work for job searches at every level – from the new graduate looking for her first job to the mid-level manager seeking a career change and even the experienced executive recovering from a layoff.

In GET A JOB!, Brady offers guidelines and exercises for every stage of the job search, including:

  • Carrying out a professional skills self-assessment
  • Building an action plan tailored to your skills, goals, and values
  • Conducting market research and looking for open positions in your field
  • Creating a polished resume, cover letter, and personal brand
  • Networking, interviewing, and negotiating effectively
  • Looking ahead to career advancement – preparing an annual self-appraisal

While GET A JOB! offers universal guidelines for job seekers, it also shows readers how to incorporate creativity and ingenuity into their search and stand out from the crowd.

“There is no one-size fits all approach to job hunting,” Brady adds. “The world of work is evolving every day; so is the hiring process. It is less important to ‘do it right’ than to focus on refining the image you are trying to project and building a story you want to tell employers.”

Kathleen Brady, CPC is an iPEC-certified career management coach with more than 25 years of experience helping people identify and realize their professional career goals.

Brady is a sought-after industry speaker and coach with expertise in finding employment, career management, and professional advancement. She founded Brady & Associates CareerPlanners LLC in 2003, after starting out as a career counselor in Columbia Law School’s placement office, transitioning to the assistant dean of career services at Fordham University School of Law, and managing the hiring process as the national director of staff recruitment and development at a national law firm.

In GET A JOB! 10 Secrets to Career Success (Inkwater Press, 2013) Brady shares her secrets for navigating the job search process from start to finish as well as practical exercises for job seekers at every level. GET A JOB! is available at, and other online retailers.

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