LNP-PirkleRichmond, Va. – The education system in the US neglects many crucial elements of a child’s development, including instilling tools for positive character building, emotional and moral intelligence. In The Validation Plan by Dr. James E. Pirkle, he explains how to implement and benefit from the Validation Program.

This just published educational program enriches the academic learning environment of each student and builds positive relationships with other students and adults, where everyone becomes respected, valued and accepted.

“We want to have positive impacts on the character development of youngsters and give them the opportunity to discover the various virtues that are out there in others,” said Pirkle. “We want them to become more positive, compassionate and understanding of others.”

Besides instilling positive values, the Validation Program counteracts the many societal harms that result from rampant negativity, self-centeredness and violence that children are exposed to each day, including bullying, bickering, and harassing others.

Perfect for both the classroom and family bookshelf, The Validation Plan not only shows how to implement the program, but also has real testimonials and success stories from individuals who have benefited from the program, including students, teachers, administrators and parents.

“The program has grown over the years and has had widespread significant positive impacts upon students’ and adults’ character development,” said Pirkle. “We have found that the program has not only resulted in positive character traits and virtues that we want to see in our youth, it also creates a positive classroom and school climate and culture.”

The Validation Plan
By James E. Pirkle, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-47597-327-3
Softcover retail price: $16.95
E-book price: $3.99

About the author

Dr. James E. Pirkle earned a PhD in educational leadership and support from the University of Florida. He has served in an array of educational positions throughout his long career, developing and refining the Validation Program in each of his positions. He resides in Richmond, Va.