askfmParents need to ask their children if they’re on their smartphones or online. If they are, they need to keep a close eye on what their kids are saying in cyberspace and, even more importantly, what others are saying to and about them.

In very little time, the social networking app and its online website have gone viral among teens and tweens, with more than 60 million downloads of the app alone. The reason: lets users post comments and ask questions anonymously. That cloak of secrecy may be innocent enough if one middle schooler asks another who they like at school. But multiple news reports say the anonymity has also led to intense cyberbullying and even reports of a rash of teen suicides. On September 13th, [The New York Times reported that a young girl’s suicide could have been the result of cyber bullying on

In this video interview, On The Marc Media’s Marc Silverstein talks to McAfee Online Internet Security expert Robert Siciliano. Siciliano explains why the website and its accompanying free app are controversial and potentially dangerous. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there’s no way to report bullying, increase privacy or find out who is behind threatening comments when they’re posted anonymously. As Siciliano points out, “there’s no accountability with anonymity.” To confound the problem, is based in Latvia and out of the reach of American authorities.

Siciliano’s advice: parents need to monitor every aspect of their children’s online activity—and learn how to use every app and device their kids have access to. For those parents worried about infringing on their children’s privacy, he has a blunt reply: “Trust is overrated.”

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