a-better-world1A Better World is developing a kid-friendly version of its popular Facebook game that encourages and rewards good deeds

A Better World, maker of the popular Do-Good Facebook game that rewards users for completing good deeds, will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign to fund an online kid-friendly spin-off called A Better World for Kids. The campaign will run on the popular crowd-funding website Kick-starter and begin September 23. The funding goal for the campaign is $500,000 to be used for the production and mass distribution of A Better World for Kids.

This positive game, to be hosted on its own website, will be loved by both parents and children. A Better World for Kids is a virtual world game where adults need kids’ help to save the day through Positive Actions and Positive Attitude. Instead of promoting violence and selfishness, the game rewards children for doing good deeds and helping others.

Just like Mom and Dad, kids will get a house, a job and even pets. Jobs will be based on gameplay kids already know and love such as Cooking, Driving, Building, Puzzles and more. But in A Better World for Kids, it will be actions like Learning to Cook Healthy, Sorting and Recycling using Match 3 and Solving Word Games with Positive Themes.

Kids earn Do-Good Gold for their do-good jobs that they can use to select virtual goods for their avatar and virtual home. Kids can decorate their house, dress up in fun clothes and costumes, even adopt pets to care for and play with.

Children can also share and be rewarded in the game for acts of kindness they’ve done in the real world. A key aspect of A Better World for Kids is breaking the boundary between the real world and virtual world – children are asked to do good in the game as well as in the real world. This means that children are not just playing a game, they are going out in the world and doing good. Parents can also put in real world household chores for children to do which earns them Do-Good Gold in the game.

A Better World for Kids is also all about positive attitude. A Better World for Kids will encourage children to think positively and teach them ways to express gratitude and other positive feelings, both in and out of the game. A Better World for Kids does all of this in a fun and interactive game format that children love to play.

Staying true to the message of good deeds, A Better World for Kids has promised to pledge 10 percent of its post-campaign net profits to charity. The company will support a new charity every two months and work with these charities to make the real world a better place for kids.

Funding for A Better World for Kids starts September 23, 2014. To learn more about A Better World for Kids
Kickstarter campaign, visit http://bit.ly/ABWFKsignup.