bassclefTherese Davis watched as her toddler seemed to withdraw from the world, the few words he spoke disappeared, he began repetitive rocking motions, erupted in tantrums seemly out of proportion to stimulus, and seemed to lose connection with her and the world. However, it took until Terrence was four years old for the diagnosis to be revealed  – autism.

In Bass Clef Bliss, the powerful new feature documentary, we see Therese come to terms with this heart-wrenching diagnosis – like so many other parents today – and then find the courage to persevere, find a way to open up the world to her struggling child, Terrence Patridge. They ultimately find that key in music.

Bass Clef Bliss is the moving chronicle of the powerful bond of a mother and son who rebuild their lives by doing small things with great love. Director Patrick Scott gives us a stirring look at the struggles any parent faces when confronted with the overwhelming diagnosis of Autism and how challenging that pathway is to give a child an independent and meaningful life.

For a child whose sensitivity to sound was the trigger for his emotional outbursts, it is miraculous to see his musical transformation. It was his music therapist who first noticed Terrence’s musical inclination, even using music to teach him such simple self-care as brushing his teeth. However, when she exposed him to a trombonist Terrence experienced a revelation – a gift for perfect pitch. Today, Terrence’s talent opens doors for him to play with orchestras, theater productions, jazz ensembles, and his church choir.

The Center for Disease Control tells us one out of every 68 children in America has some level of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Now, parents can take heart from this beautiful story of hope. Experts share their insight and resources to the community impacted by ASD.

Bass Clef Bliss is a film by Drama House Productions, LLC and Bklyn2LA Productions.  Directed by Patrick Scott; Executive Producers: Patrick Scott and Michael Berlin; Co-Executive Producers: Jonathan Tsang and Dea Shandera-Hunter; Cinematography: Mario Ortiz; Writers: Michael Berlin and Therese Davis; Original Music: Chris Truitt; Editors: Agustin Castaneda and Vanessa Robbins.