drowningshowareBo Granger encounters a political murder he shouldn’t have witnessed while flying his drone in San Jose author Pete Liebengood’s new novel, “Accidental Droning”. This fateful moment causes his life to descend into turmoil as he is blackmailed, seduced, and nearly murdered himself.

“The idea for this story came to me while flying a friend’s hobby drone one day,” Liebengood said. “I thought about what it would mean if I caught a glimpse of something illicit with a drone’s camera.” 

“You can buy them for a couple hundred bucks at a Best Buy, and they’re a privacy concern waiting to happen,” Liebengood added. 

As drones come into mainstream use, from Amazon delivery drones to hobbyist pilots, “Accidental Droning” serves as an entertainingly modern cautionary tale. Bo Granger endures a series of misadventures and dirty political schemes as he wrestles with doing the right thing and turning over the murder footage from his drone to the authorities. 

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About the author

Pete Liebengood is a retired TV sportscaster living in San Jose who contributed as a play-by-play announcer for ESPN, working college basketball and football games, boxing, tennis, skiing and rodeo. He was co-creator and producer of one of the first local TV news magazine shows called “Seven Thirty”. Moradal published his first novel, Class of ‘62, in 2012.