When it comes to being a father, I’m sure one of the aspiration for many is maintaining physical fitness at a level that allows you to enjoy being active and outdoors with your kids. We wanted to explore this idea through the lens of CrossFit – the #1 fitness activity at Reebok HQ.

We brought together the children of three elite CrossFit athletes; New York Native Leran Ruben, Finny Akers and Scott Jolson – to get them explaining CrossFit and how much it means to their dads.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought this small film could not only be an entertaining bit of content ahead of the weekend – but also a talking point around fitness and it’s role in the life of a father. Reebok has also produced an extended blog post here, which includes commentary from fitness expert and father of two Dr. Chris Mohr on the merits and benefits of a father who is physically active.