Brazil and Princeton Dowe are twins in the second grade. Between classwork, homework and playdates they decided to launch a bottled water company. It’s called Water 2 Kids.

The Dowe twins were inspired to create a company that provides healthy options for other children in their borough, the Bronx.

“Kids don’t drink a lot of water because they don’t see it in the store, just for them,” Brazil explained.

Water 2 Kids is currently on sale in 17 small stores and delis in the Bronx.

“We have a bottler and its up in upstate New York,” Dowe twins mom Alina Dowe explained. “It comes from the natural springs of the mountains, it gets bottled and shipped down to us and we distribute it to the stores.”

Mom Alina Dowe hopes the company will benefit more children than just her own, “we want the kids to change their habits,” she said. “Get the water instead of the soda.”

…and YES, the Dowe twins are visiting Late Night Parents this week.