Being a single parent is tough, there is absolutely no denying that. It is tough because, let’s be truthful, parenthood is a job best suited to two people. It is a job where the burden needs to be shared at all times, and when the possibility of sharing is not there things are made a whole lot tougher. But, single parenthood does exist, and rightly so, because somebody who doesn’t deserve or want to be in their child’s life shouldn’t be allowed to be in it!

So, to all your single parents out there, we salute you! And, to help you out just a little bit, a survival guide made just for you can be found below!

Swallowing your pride is okay

To be a good parent, no matter the circumstances, you have to be able to swallow your pride. Even when you’re still with your child’s other parent, sometimes swallowing your pride and doing things you do not want to do is the only thing you can do to better your child’s life. And, when you’re doing it all alone, swallowing your pride is not something you will sometimes have to do, it is something you will have to do. It is something you will have to do, particularly when it comes to asking for help off of others, because it is the only thing to be done that will provide your child with the assistance and stability he or she needs to grow comfortably and happy.

This could mean swallowing your pride and asking for financial assistance, either from a loved one or from a lending company through the taking out of quick loans. This could mean swallowing your pride and asking for help with childcare or taking your children to school. Or this could mean swallowing your pride and getting back in touch with your child’s other parent to ask for the help that neither of you want them to provide, but the help your child deserves. Basically, in order to help both your life and your child’s life, make sure you are well versed in swallowing your pride.

Reduce your own stress

Being a single parent is stressful, there is no denying that. And, if you were to let this stress engulf you, not only would you put your own health at risk but you would make life far more difficult for your child than it needs to be. So, make sure you are doing all you can to reduce the stress induced by single parenthood at all times.

This could mean doing anything from setting up a support system around you and your child to ensure you both have others to fall on should things get too tough. This could mean maintaining a daily routine, i.e. going to sleep at the same, healthy time each night, in order to induce stability. This could mean being consistent with the discipline that you enforce on both your child and yourself. And this could even mean ensuring that you take some time for yourself every now and again — which, by the way, is most certainly a healthy thing to do!