If you’ve never played laser tag before, it can be intimidating, especially if games aren’t really your thing. But if you’re going with a group of coworkers for team-building or it’s your BFF’s 40th birthday party, you might have to make the best of it. As a newbie, you can’t expect to go in and get the highest score, but there are some strategies you can use to avoid embarrassment and actually have some fun.

1. Wear Dark Clothing & Comfortable Shoes

Dark clothing will make you harder to spot, so you won’t be an easy target. Wearing comfortable shoes, like sneakers or boots, is also important because you’ll be moving quickly from place to place–not running.

2. Learn the Layout Fast

The faster you can get a grasp of the layout, the better. Look for spots that will give you a good vantage point but will also provide you some cover. Upper levels are great for this, and they can give you a chance to catch your breath.

3. Don’t Stay in the Same Spot

It’s boring to stay in the same spot the entire time, though. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen anyone cross your field of vision, it’s time to move. You can’t score any points if you never see anyone to tag. Plus, standing in one place makes you an easier target.

4. Move Sideways

When you’re on the move, walk sideways for the greatest protection. If someone takes aim at you, turning sideways is a good strategy in this situation, too. It makes it harder for them to hit your sensors.

5. Take Advantage of Easy Targets

If you’re new to laser tag, you may have better luck taking advantage of any kids or other inexperienced players running around. They’ll be easier targets than going after your coworker who plays laser tag every weekend.

6. Don’t Try to Aim

You have a better chance at tagging someone if you fire rapidly in the direction of someone’s sensors than trying to take aim first. In the time it takes you to aim, the other person can tag you.

7. Have Fun

The most important strategy is to have fun. Tag some novices to get your score up, then go after some more experienced players and see how you do. The more you get into it, the more fun you’ll have than just sitting in a corner hoping no one sees you.