Attention parents and young investors— Fidelity just launched its Fidelity Youth Account for teens ages 13-17!! 

Fidelity’s Youth Account is the first brokerage account ever designed specifically for teenagers. It’s intended to teach kids saving, spending, and (responsible) investing.  

Parents can oversee the account, but that’s just one of its perks. Fidelity’s youth account has no subscription fees, zero account fees, zero minimum balances, zero domestic ATM fees, and zero online commissions. 🥳

Fidelity’s senior VP of acquisition and loyalty, Jennifer Samalis, said: 

Fidelity is committed to responsibly supporting young investors. Importantly, our goal for the Fidelity Youth Account is to encourage young Americans to learn through action and foster meaningful family conversations around financial topics. Designed alongside teens and parents, the account is charting a new course by providing the ability for teens to build healthy money habits through learning by doing.

Here’s Fidelity’s press release with more info.