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Does Your Child Need Testing Accommodations?

At a Glance Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT. The tests measure different skills and work in different ways. Your child may do better with one test than the other. SAT or ACT? It might not seem like there’s much difference... Read More

Stress Relief for Your Kid’s “BIGGEST TEST EVER”!

Few high school students look forward to the SAT and ACT test. It’s not exactly sunshine for parents either who feel the strain and pressure to help their child earn the best score possible to help pave the way to their college education. Andrea... Read More

Expert’s Tips to Help Teens AND their Parents Stressed About the SAT/ACT Tests

Testing prep company founder debunks misconceptions, helps parents get organized The New Year brings a shocking reality to millions of parents of teenagers – college is right around the corner. The second semester of the school year for high school... Read More

The Incredible Shrinking Vocabularies of Today’s Students

By Jeanne Clements – Prominent educator, perfect SAT Verbal score holder, and innovator of interactive vocabulary learning system, Verbal Education How bad is the state of vocabulary in today’s generation? Recently a fellow teacher told me... Read More