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The average household owns 7 screens

Today’s children are surrounded by technology and the average household owns 7.3 screens according to a new report by ReportLinker. Key findings show that: TV and Tablets are competing: 93% of people own a TV but their homes also include an... Read More

4 Ways to Escape the Rental Trap

After living as renters for the first seven years of their marriage, Geoff and Kristi decided it was time to purchase their first house. They decided to pass on making a purchase earlier in their lives for reasons ranging from unstable job security to... Read More

4 Tips To Sleep Better During Allergy Season

Spring is the season of renewal. Plants and trees start to rebound from the harsh winter that claimed most of their leaves and vegetation. Birds return from their Southern vacations, serenade us with their morning songs and rebuild their nests in... Read More

Who are the self-driving car start-ups to watch?

Google, Uber and Intel are just some of the tech giants best known for their efforts to manufacture a self-driving car, there are also hundreds of sprouting start-ups developing various aspects of this technology. Comet Labs in the US has identified... Read More

4 new Google Home features

Google just announced a bunch of new features for its home assistant, Google Home. The device will now be able to make calls and set reminders, along with a few other features. ... Read More

Are Millennials More Financially Savvy Than We Realize

Millennials came of age at a time when the job market was weak and their student-loan debt was high. Such a dreary combination did not bode well for a rosy financial future. But could it be, when all is said and done, that millennials will prove to be... Read More

6 Solutions to Maximize Your Kitchen

Ever notice that everyone seems to gather in the kitchen, despite the fact that there’s dedicated seating in the living room or elsewhere? It’s an un-explainable phenomenon. It’s also the reason kitchen remodeling consistently ranks... Read More

6 Exterior Painting Mistakes

1. Choosing the wrong colors The wrong colors can turn your home into an eyesore and even hurt its value. For the best result, follow these tips from Dee Schlotter, PPG Paints’ Senior Color Marketing Manager: Exterior colors to avoid: “Avoid... Read More

Mental Health Tips for New Parents

An Occupational Therapist Explains How to Balance the New Occupations of Parenthood in Honor of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day  Caring for a newborn can be a source of both joy and stress for a new caregiver. The demands of an... Read More

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Sugar Belly

Poor wheat. It seems the golden grain has lost much of its luster, thanks to the gluten-free movement (now a $16-billion-dollar-a-year industry) and a broad-brush bashing that has painted it as the latest food demon. “Wheat has been found guilty... Read More

Verizon Will Exclusively Stream NFL London Game

Verizon will join Amazon as an official NFL streaming partner in 2017. The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Flint reports that Verizon has purchased the rights to exclusively stream the Baltimore Ravens-Jacksonville Jaguars game live on September 24 for a... Read More

Pedestrian Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

We’re all pedestrians at some point, which means we all learn the same basic rules for crossing the street—look both ways, obey traffic signals and stay inside the crosswalk. Of course, technology and busier lifestyles have led to some new... Read More

2017 Kentucky Derby Facts

Some call it the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” in reference to the speed of good, old-fashioned horse power and the millions of dollars that ride on the outcome. Others call it the “run for the roses,” given the giant floral garnish... Read More

6 Hacks To Help You Save On Gas with @Geico

When it comes to gas prices, what goes down inevitably creeps back up again. Fuel prices have recently been edging higher and are expected to climb further in 2017, according to price tracker GasBuddy. Fortunately, you can fight back by being a bit... Read More

7 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

Hmm. Purr. Vroom. Modern engineering has made driving a car easier on the ears than ever. But there are some car noises you don’t want to hear, because they can signal trouble. Every once in a while, roll down the windows and start listening for... Read More

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