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Beginning a fitness journey

  We’re always looking for products to enrich our readers lives.  I recently received information from the folks over at JourneyGym.com,  they have a package which sounds like it will be a great fit for my lifestyle.  An in home gym... Read More

Childhood Obesity – Yeah I had that.

Every parent fears childhood obesity.  The increased health risks and dangers associated with being overweight, the stigma, and the judgement.  It tends to happen quietly.  You may not even notice it until it’s too late.  This type of... Read More

GYMPACT: Fitness Fees

Here’s a new gym app that charges fees for missed workouts and compensates you for showing up.  Do you think you’d be more likely to go?  The technology was developed by CEO Yifan Zhang and uses GPS technology to confirm you’re at the gym. 12%... Read More