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#GliderGloves – Gloves that allow you to use your touch screen and keep your hands warm

It’s a cold winter day.  You’re all bundled up keeping nice and warm but you need to use the maps app on your phone to get to your destination.  You have to take off your gloves to swipe and tap your way to figure it out. ... Read More

CUJO – Intelligent network protection for your home or small office

Before I get to the device, let me admit to something up front. I’m a computer guy by trade. I’ve installed and/or managed countless PC’s, servers, routers, firewalls, etc in both homes and businesses. I say this to mean that I wasn’t walking... Read More

Interview with Disney CARS 3 star Lea Delaria

For Disney, the CARS franchise has been one of their most successful. You’re immersed into a world where there are no people, the vehicles are the characters. This works not only because of the technical marvel that is Pixar Animation, but... Read More

MEEM charging and backup device gets it right

 Once in awhile you come across a new piece of equipment that seems so obvious that you wonder why it hadn’t been created sooner. The Meem automatic “Charge it up = Back it up” is one of those devices. In a single easy to install... Read More

2016 Malware Year in Review Report – @PhishMe

An at-a-glance 2016 Year in Review Malware Infographic, with a close look at the fastest-growing attack vector of the past year: Ransomware. PhishMe’s research team found that the explosive growth of ransomware was the most significant trend of... Read More

Get Ready For The Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update is here, and you should go download it right now. Not only does it fix bugs and security flaws, it also helps you make magical rainbows and unicorns, quite literally. But once you’ve downloaded and installed the... Read More

How Can You Prevent A Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is the digital version of extortion. It’s as simple as that. It uses age-old tactics to carry out a modern day crime, but the elements behind it are as old as human criminal activity itself. ... Read More

Teaching your kids how to be great entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to describe exactly what you do to other adults, much less to your kids. We learned that the best way to explain what we do is by teaching the young ones how they can be entrepreneurs themselves. We set out to author... Read More

Campus stimulant abuse: Paying for perfect grades with pills

By Joy Stephenson-Laws, founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH) and her medical team Parents are expressing growing shock over the frequency of drug use on American college campuses. And we are not talking about illegal drugs, but legal, prescription... Read More

Mercane Wheels Introduces Its 3-Wheel Electric Kickscooter” – The Transboard

Mercane Wheels today introduced version 2.0 of the Transboard, its advanced, eco-friendly electric “kickscooter” that combines speed, stability and safety to deliver users with a superior riding experience.  Equipped with a plethora of features... Read More

Cybersecurity Tips for Your Employees

Cyberthreats to your business are usually blamed on outsiders—nefarious programmers writing malicious code designed to pilfer your corporate intelligence, siphon your confidential customer information and/or raid your financial data. Sometimes, the... Read More

Ways To Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

Amidst the hustle and bustle leading up to the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy. The feeling is all too familiar—where the main concerns become making it to the right shops in time, getting our hands on the right gifts,... Read More

Why you should secure your phone

So you don’t think you need a security code on your phone? I’m an IT guy by profession, so computer and device security has always been important to me. I have passwords on everything I use, lock codes, swipe patterns, if it’s an... Read More

Ryan Beatty and Toyota promote safer teen driving – TeenDrive365

There are two events that I look forward to every year. The Progressive Motorcycle show, and the New York Auto show. For me there is nothing better than walking around the arena, examining the latest performance offerings. Sitting in the various... Read More

Beginning a fitness journey

  We’re always looking for products to enrich our readers lives.  I recently received information from the folks over at,  they have a package which sounds like it will be a great fit for my lifestyle.  An in home gym... Read More

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