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How To Teach Your Children To Handle #EMERGENCIES Without Scaring The Bleep Out Of Them

Discussing possible emergency scenarios with one’s children is never a pleasant topic. Parents do not want to frighten them or create new anxieties. Dr. Sanam Hafeez is a New York City based Neuro-psychologist and School Psychologist who has an... Read More

Six Ways Targeted Interventions Can Yield Success for Students with Learning Differences

By Mary Stewart-Oliver, M.A., M.Ed., PPSC, Counselor for The Prentice School With the California public school system ranking the lowest in the nation for student-teacher ratio, at an average of 24-1, compared to the national average of 16-1,... Read More

Should parents have access to their children’s text messages?

Should parents have access to their children’s text messages?  Republican state Sen. Rich Crandall has proposed a law to require cellphone companies to offer Arizona parents access to their minor children’s texts. Critical thinking and mental... Read More