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Who’s streaming Super Bowl LIII?

A new report suggests 21% of US Super Bowl LIII viewers will watch the game between the New England Patriots and LA Rams on February 3rd via streaming. That’s a 160% increase from the 8.1% who did so for last year’s game, according to the results... Read More

#NFLPlayoffs @LateNightParent

Ted Hicks is joined by Kevin Grigsby @BuccoBruce83 to discuss ESPN’s hit piece on the Patriots holy trinity and their drama surrounding their power struggle. We also chat about the Oakland Raiders Godfather offer to John Gruden – and who... Read More

Super Bowl XLIX By The Numbers w/ @WalletHub.

The Super Bowl is a game of numbers, from the Roman Numerals that denote each contest to the millions of people and billions of dollars that are engrossed in it each year. Given the societal importance of the Big Game, the emphasis it places on social... Read More