MMA Camp for Kids?

Surfing the internet, I stumbled upon some very disturbing content.  It was a video from the U.K. which featured two young boys pulverizing each other in a caged setting in front of a very large audience.  Now, I’ve attended my share of professional wrestling matches over the years and admit to being a fan.  (That type of stuff is scripted!)  We’re not talking about consenting adults here!

As a father, there’s definitely something wrong with the setting (in a cage) and children participating in “Mixed martial Arts”.  This sport combines martial arts, wrestling, and boxing – without many rules.  You’re allowed to punch, kick and elbow your opponent into submission.  I’m stuck on the fact that adults seem to be willingly sanctioning children (as young as ten years old) to participate in these exhibitions.  At what point does the mother or father in the room stand up to put a halt to these circus like performances.  I found some online content to solely make you aware of the situation.

If your child (could be a teenager too) is interested in MMA, then I would strongly discourage them from taking part in this kind of fighting.  No matter the popularity, be very aware of the “activities” your children are involved in.


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    I know some guys I’d like to put in that cage! Some of them live in D.C.!

  10. Zach Rosenberg

    If I’m not mistaken, it’s either Joe Rogan or Dana White that are big on telling people that the MMA has far less injuries than formal boxing and even high school sports. I don’t know what to make from that, and I’m not sure it’s a competition where the sport with fewer injuries wins. But – I also think that we should talk about youth boxing in the same way – just because MMA includes a couple of other styles doesn’t necessarily take away from the idea that two kids are pummeling each other in the head.

  11. Jeff

    I trained mma for four years at Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club. I always loved watching the kids and thinking about my kids training MMA one day. They train/compete far differently at my studio. I love mma, I think it teaches a lot of life lessons that kids learn well when they’re young, like the importance of fitness, not quitting, practicing something over and over until you get it right, respecting others, etc. However the video just felt wrong to me. In boxing kids wear headgear and large boxing gloves. MMA gloves provide very little protection to the person being punched. Punches are especially brutal when their head is on the ground and the impact has nowhere to go but straight to the face/brain. I love the sport and lessons but it is violent. Personally I’ll stick to teaching my kids and sparring with full protection until their old enough to really understand the sport, violence, etc. What more are these kids learning by competing without full head, shin, hand gear?

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