AvailableParentNational parenting expert, and author of the bestselling The Available Parent, Dr. John Duffy was featured in a recent article on SheKnows, “Are You Pushing Your Kids too Hard—Or Not Hard Enough?”.

Kim Grundy of SheKnows asks “If your child isn’t quite as enthusiastic as you are, what is the best way to motivate your child to succeed?” Dr. Duffy’s advice is, “I encourage parents to maintain a pretty high bar for their children, academically, athletically and otherwise. Too often, I have found that when a parent lowers his or her bar, their child will tend to follow suit. The lack of belief in himself tends to perpetuate, and is a difficult trend to reverse.”

Dr. John Duffy is the national parenting expert for The Steve Harvey Show, where he will be appearing this Thursday. He also a clinical psychologist and certified life coach with a thriving private practice in the Chicago area. Dr. Duffy works with both teens and adults and specializes in helping parents maximize satisfaction and minimize conflict in their relationships with their teenagers.

The Available Parent
Radical Optimism in Raising Teens and Tweens
By John Duffy

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