pillCombined Distributors Inc. announced the launch of Pill Terminator (http://www.pillterminator.com), a remarkable new pill disposal jar that solves the very serious problem of how to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs in a way that is safe,
convenient, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Combined Distributors Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their latest innovation. Pill Terminator (http://www.pillterminator.com) is a ground-breaking new product that provides a safe, affordable and convenient way for individuals and institutions to dispose of expired and left over prescription medications and drugs. Formulated to meet
and exceed FDA and EPA guidelines for the disposal of prescription medications, Pill Terminator provides the ideal solution for families, medical centers, funeral homes, nursing homes, animal clinics or drug rehab centers searching for a quick and
environmentally responsible way of getting rid of unwanted pills and drugs.About the size of a soft drink can, the Pill Terminator is a drug disposal jar that can eliminate up to 300 medium sized pills, or the equivalent quantities of capsules, liquids and powders. Doctor inspired and chemist developed, the product is extremely easy to use. Simply pour the unwanted medications into the container, add warm water, shake, and then throw into the trash, knowing that the medication has been safely disposed of.
Pill Terminator is currently available for sale online or by calling their toll free phone number.

Unused medications and prescription drugs in home medicine cabinets are a serious public safety and health concern, as these drugs are highly susceptible to abuse or accidental ingestion. According to the C.D.C., approximately 6.8 million Americans abuse prescription drugs and 70,000 children are hospitalized each year from accidental poisoning or prescription drug overdose. The disposal of unwanted and expired prescription drugs creates an equally serious dilemma because, lacking a cheap and convenient option, most people simply throw their unwanted medications in he trash or flush them down the toilet, contaminating landfill and municipal water supplies. “Until the introduction of the Pill Terminator, the D.E.A. – lead National Prescription Take-Back Day provided one of the few safe and inexpensive ways of getting rid of unwanted medications,” states Mosche Doman of Combined Distributors. “A commendable initiative.”

“National Prescription Take-Back Days have been extremely successful in removing an estimated 3.4-million pounds of unwanted and expired drugs. Take-Back Days are scheduled several times a year at over 5,000 Take-Back sites across the country.
Complimentary to these Take-Back Days, Pill Terminator offers inexpensive and quick safe disposal every day and everywhere at the convenience of the user.

About Pill Terminator: Specifically formulated to meet and exceed FDA and EPA guidelines for the safe disposal of prescription medications, the Pill Terminator is an innovative new product by Combined Distributors Inc. that solves the problem of getting
rid of unwanted pills and drugs conveniently, economically and safely. Pill Terminator is an easy to use pill disposal jar that offers a quick and environmentally responsible way to dispose of unwanted or expired medications. It is ideal for household use, as well as
in nursing homes, medical centers, funeral homes, veterinary clinic and drug rehab centers. To learn more about the Pill Terminator, visit http://www.pillterminator.com.