If you asked 10 people what the most wonderful candy flavor in the world is, you would likely get at least several different answers. Candy is a luxurious treat that is different for everyone. While some of us like a sweet and creamy flavor, others like a nutty and salty sweetness. You need only look into a box of fine chocolates to discover the diversity of candy caters to the consumer. The modern online candy supplier has tons of flavors available which can be ordered with a click of a button. Never before in history has the candy lover had such availability and variety.

Candy dates back to the ancient Egyptians, around the year 2000 BC. The Egyptians preserved bits of fruit and nuts with honey. This procedure gave us our first sweet and delicious candy. The discovery was so enticing, that they continued by adding spices to create different flavors.


Perhaps the most popular candy today is the chocolate bar. Of course, there are variations of the mixtures that create different candies. Some favorites include:

  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Chocolates with nuts, coconut, fruit, marshmallows, and bits of cookies

In 1847, Joseph Fry of England discovered a way to melt cocoa butter, sugar, and cocoa paste into a mold. This was the dawn of the chocolate bar.

Candy Canes

Another wonderful treat is the cool taste of the candy cane. In the 1920’s Bob Mc Cormack began making the candy cane as a special treat for Christmas. In the 1950’s, the first candy cane machine was invented, allowing us to mass produce this holiday tradition. However, the candy cane actually dates back to 1670. It was invented in Cologne Germany.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy has always been a big hit. Unlike any other candy, the magical spun sugar is still popular today. In 1897, a dentist named William Morrison, and a confectioner, john C. Wharton invented the first cotton candy machine. It was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair, where it was sold under the name “Fairy Floss” and it sold for .25 cents per box. They sold 68,655 boxes. In today’s currency, that would be $7.00 per box.


It is almost impossible to trace the history of the lollipop because some variation of the “candy on a stick” has been traced back as far as the 16th century. By the 17th century, confectioners were producing the lollipop, but at that time, the candy was soft. By the 19th century, the lollipop was made of hard candy that has to be licked or bitten to remove it from the stick. It has gained popularity as the flavors have become so unique and easily achieved. Today, the lollipop can be sweet or sour. It can be solid hard candy, or it can have a candy (caramel or chocolate) centers, or it can have a center made of bubble gum.

Jelly Beans

Jelly beans come in a huge array of flavors. But the original jelly bean comes in 50 flavors. It seems everyone has their favorites. This candy is a combination of the soft and chewy Middle Eastern candy called, Turkish Delight and coated with a harder candy shell.

By the 1930’s Jelly Beans were often chosen as an Easter treat. They are fruity, colorful, and they look like miniature eggs. Whether you enjoy the fruity traditional flavors or go for the gourmet flavors that are popular today, spring demands everyone has this wonderful treat.

20th-century favorites

M&Ms, Peanut Butter Cups, and Skittles

The various flavors of these candies make them a wonderful favorite. You can get your chocolate, with or without nuts, with pretzels, cookies, and various fruits. If you are looking for current flavors that are sure to be the classics of tomorrow, these are your best bets.

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