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[email protected] Declares War on Cable TV’s Sneaky Fees

Consumer Reports’ new What the Fee?! program looks at the surprise add-ons that can jack up consumers’ bills Consumers hate unexpected charges on everything from airline tickets to cellular bills. That’s why Consumers Reports is... Read More

Apple Is Discontinuing Its Photo Print Service

Buried among all of this morning’s MacBook news was word that Apple will be pulling the plug on its Photo Print Products services. That tidbit was first noted by the folks at 9to5Mac, courtesy of an app pop-up noting that the service will sunset... Read More

How To Be A Happier And More Effective Employee

Tired of the hamster-on-a-treadmill style of work? Well, good news: Researchers have confirmed that it’s actually not very effective, anyway. Not only is it exhausting, but overworking yourself can backfire, leaving you burnt out and, ultimately,... Read More

25 Summer Side Gigs

Looking to make some extra money this summer? Warmer weather opens up some great opportunities. These 25 side gigs could help you earn hundreds outside of your regular job. (Just make sure you don’t fall into common side-gigger tax traps next... Read More

Can The Streaming Industry Fix These Problems?

We spend a lot of time looking at what’s new, shiny, and exciting in the sector. But we must always keep the check-and-balance system running in the back of the mind, and there are still some rough edges in very basic parts of the various streaming... Read More

The Power of Compounding is the #BobbyBonilla Contract

Most of us focus on celebrating America’s birthday in July. But former baseball player Bobby Bonilla has his own day to enjoy. July 1 marks his annual payday, when the New York Mets send him a $1.19 million check as part of a deal set up 18 years... Read More

5 Emergency Home Fixes

It’s easy to panic in the face of emergencies like gushing pipes and kitchen fires. But we can save ourselves a lot of torment — and a lot of money — simply by staying calm and taking the appropriate steps to minimize the damage while we wait... Read More

The Connected TV Experience: Transforming The Living Room

How do you watch video? Chances are high that you watch video across a number of channels and from a variety of sources. Thanks to the evolving media landscape over the past five years, consumers have never had more choice. Today, we watch video across... Read More

Microsoft’s is implementing Dark Mode.

Many Microsoft products have long supported a “dark mode” to make late night work easier on the eyes, though that hasn’t been the case for the web version of the Outlook email program. Soon that will change. Responding to an feedback... Read More

How to cut the cord in 4 easy steps – @RokuPlayer

If you’re like most people who watch cable or satellite television, there are things you love and things you’d love to change. You love the shows, but don’t necessarily need all the superfluous channels – and definitely don’t want to pay for... Read More

The False Promise of Social Media

In past blog posts, we’ve often talked about how social media fostered conversations and connections. I now confess: I’ve been wrong all these years. It does neither. Social media is more about self-promotion, dividing people, and making useless... Read More

Will Disney’s OTT service matter to Netflix?

Disney launches its own OTT service next year into a market where Netflix has spent its way to the top. Will Disney’s offer be too little too late to catch up? Or is there room for another big OTT player? As an over-the-top (OTT) operator Netflix,... Read More

Netflix Is Considering a Pricier ‘Ultra’ Tier

Netflix Inc. subscribers who want to stream video in Ultra HD/4K and High Dynamic Range and watch the over-the-top service on up to four screens at once could soon be asked ante up and pay more of the freight. To gauge how consumers will respond,... Read More

Six ABS Exercises That Will Kill Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is not just aesthetically bad for you, but also can be harmful for your health. If belly fat is not controlled, over a period of time, you can develop heart borne diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. To get rid your pooch, all it takes... Read More

Four Sun Safety Tips for the Fourth

With all the excitement surrounding the 4th of July holiday, skin health is probably the last thing on your mind. These sunblock tips from Dr. Llana Pootrakul, a board-certified dermatologist at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center,... Read More

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