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Fan Appreciation Super Bowl Tickets

The NFL today announced the Super Bowl Ticket Giveaway, a new initiative this season to surprise fans across the country with an invitation to attend Super Bowl LII in Minnesota on February 4, 2018. A total of 500 free tickets will be distributed... Read More

What To Do About The KRACK Attack Hack!

A severe flaw in the encryption protocols used by nearly all modern Wi-Fi networks could let attackers hijack encrypted traffic, steal passwords and even inject malware into smartphones and laptops. Dubbed KRACK, or Key Reinstallation Attack, by its... Read More

There is no such thing as a free iPhone X for a like, share, or follow!

The iPhone X is incredibly expensive at $999. And that’s just the starting price that gets you a measly 64GB of storage. But most buyers will not have to pay the price outright. There are plenty of financing option to help them deal with the wallet... Read More

8 Tips for Teaching Writing in the Digital Age – @LWathh

By Lisa Wathen Learning in today’s digital environment has many advantages that would seem to maximize student success and prepare them for writing in college. Students have more access to content that can be differentiated. Teachers can provide... Read More

7 Challenges Parents of Teenage Girls Face With Regards to Sex

Dr. Sherrie Campbell Very few things in adolescence are certain but there is one thing upon which most teenage girls agree, and that is they must be sexy. They feel that they must wear the short-shorts with their rear-end’s hanging out to fit in and... Read More

September 11th

Those of us who were present in NYC during the attacks in 2001 have memories that we will never shake. First responders went to funerals for a year. Losing nearly three thousand lives meant that, even in a city of 8 million people, almost everyone... Read More

#LifeAsAParent with Sydney Leroux Dwyer – @sydneyleroux

Being a parent is one of the most challenging tasks that any person who has the opportunity to experience in life. It changes a person in ways that they could never imagine.  As a dad myself, I could tell plenty of stories about parenting and how it... Read More

Five Reasons Every School Needs to Brand with @TrishRubin

It’s woven in every aspect of modern daily life, but branding isn’t new to the scene. Archeologists found branded wine casks in the ancient ruins of Pompeii. The legacy brand, Quaker Oats, turned what was cattle feed into a successful breakfast... Read More

The Sweet Luxury of 7 Absolutely Amazing Candy Flavors

If you asked 10 people what the most wonderful candy flavor in the world is, you would likely get at least several different answers. Candy is a luxurious treat that is different for everyone. While some of us like a sweet and creamy flavor, others... Read More