We all know that Christmas is generally based around the excitement and magic for children. However, Christmas shouldn’t be all about the children, especially if you don’t have any or yours are grown up. This festive time of year can still be a blast for you and your loved ones, and here’s how to nail Christmas, adult style.


As adults, we have the right and ability to drink alcohol to celebrate and relax. While you should still drink in moderation, consider getting a large array of different types of alcohol for you and your loved ones to enjoy this Christmas.

Port and whiskey are common beverages to make an appearance during the Christmas holidays, alongside the well known festive favorite: eggnog. Impress your family and friends this year when they come over with the different selection for them to choose from. You never know, you might find a new favorite!


Why not spice up your Christmas day with some adult only games? When there’s no children around, games that involve shots of liquor or a little bit of naughtiness can brighten up any adults’ day. Get creative with your game ideas, and if you’re feeling especially clever create a brand new game for everyone to play.

Alternatively, you could play games that are already well known, but with a Christmas theme. Check out this list of fabulous games! Another idea would be to get everyone to meet at your local bar so that you can get even more people included in your Christmas games. The more the merrier!


When there aren’t any children around, the kind of gifts that you give to your family and friends can be a little more daring and comical. Get clever with your gifts this year and add some extra laughter and enjoyment to the day.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, it’s a good idea to check out gifts by gender, category, and price. This will make it easier to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Believe it or not, great gifts don’t have to cost the earth!

Another option to gifts would be to ask everyone to chip in with providing for the meal and drinks you will be consuming that day so that the cost is spread evenly and you can all enjoy a lovely meal with company that you love.


Don’t forget that Christmas isn’t just about the gifts that you give, it’s about spending time with those that mean the most of you during this fabulous season. Go big on laughter and create memories that you and your family are going to cherish for a lifetime. For example, why not go full on with your Christmas attire to make everyone laugh?

Alternatively, you could jot down a few moments that you’ve shared with everyone to discuss and look back on fondly.

Christmas isn’t just for children, so nail this Christmas adult style and enjoy yourself!