365 Days of Free-Trial Streaming: 39 Streaming Services, 100% Binge-Watch Worthy 📺

Whether you’re a heavyweight binge-watcher or dabble in the occasional couch potato session, streaming is one of the most popular ways to stay entertained at home. Streaming companies have been competing for your attention with box-office hits, original series, and free trials. So many in fact, the team over at Reviews.org figured out you can stream for 365 days just using free trials. 

We’ve put together a streaming calendar which recommends when to use free trials from 39 streaming services. Check it out here: https://www.reviews.org/tv-service/no-cost-streaming-for-a-year/

If you signed up for a year of all 39 streaming services on our list, it’d cost $5,765 … we think $0 sounds a lot better. 

Examples include live-tv trials in September to catch the NBA finals, Shudder and Screambox in October for Halloween horror flicks, Prime Video to catch Black Friday deals, and Hallmark for decking the halls in December. 


How does it work?: We’ve created a public Google Calendar that can be found here: 

Our calendar includes recommendations to begin your free trials along with a link to the streaming service website, standard monthly pricing, and a reminder when your free trial is about to end. These free trials run from September 2020 – September 2021. 

Why did you put this together?: This year, many people have been seeking out ways to stay entertained at home and save money. Our team wanted to create something to help as many people as possible in a fun and inexpensive way. 

Does it really cost nothing?: That’s up to you! Our calendar is designed to recommend dates to sign up for free trials and remind you when that free trial is about to expire. If you decide a streaming service is right for you and your budget, then by all means stay subscribed! 

What’s the catch?: This project is not sponsored by any of the streaming services highlighted in our calendar. Of course, they’re offering great content and we hope this project will help binge-watchers and casual streamers alike find new services that suit their viewing habits.