Verizon is making it easier for customers to watch all of their favorite content in one place with the new Fios TV. The device comes with the capability to watch live TV as well as stream on-demand content while also consolidating content from different streaming services into a single place, marking another step forward for Verizon’s content aggregation efforts. The company called the new Fios TV, “the first device of its kind for Fios, where you can watch live TV, On Demand content and all of your favorite streaming apps on one device.”

The home menu on Fios devices shows each of a customer’s streaming apps on the bottom row, while the top row spotlights individual shows and movies available to them on their Fios TV plan. The new streaming box from Verizon will include 4K streaming capability and a mobile app that will allow users to enjoy content at home or on the go.

Verizon is also following the lead of other streaming device manufacturers by including voice search. The company has integrated Google Assistant voice search into the Fios TV remote, so customers are sure to get the most accurate results. Customers will also be able to personalize their menu by moving the most relevant content to where they can find it quickly.

Customers who have an Android mobile device can also use it as a virtual remote. If Fios TV users want a subscription they’re not currently signed up for, they can add more apps via the Store menu, or on the Google Play store.

Currently, the device is only compatible with Fios’s 2 Gig internet plan, which is not yet widely available, but Verizon plans to launch the device more widely in 2023. There’s no word yet on what it will cost, but a similar device launched two years ago by the company can offer some hints.

Verizon’s Stream TV device, which also allowed for 4K streaming and included some aggregation features, debuted at $69.99. So when the Fios TV launches nationwide, expect a price point between $70-$100.

Verizon is certainly making a name for itself in the content aggregation business, and the wide release of Fios TV devices next year will further solidify that reputation.