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Snap’s Turn to Crash

Big Tech’s latest beating? Snapchat crashed this morning just nine days after Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp experienced major outages.  Early this morning, Snapchat lost the ability to send/receive messages or post, according to... Read More

Vimeo On The Come Up

Video sharing and hosting site Vimeo has been downhill since its spinoff by parent company InterActiveCorp earlier this year. However, today offered reprieve for YouTube’s main competitor.  Vimeo focuses on enterprise video, which has helped... Read More

Apple’s New Car Play

Apple is readying up a new play for your car, but it technically isn’t CarPlay. The Big Tech giant is reportedly looking to launch a feature which will allow users to control their car’s air conditioning, seats, radio, and... Read More

Twitch Goes Down

Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch had a double-whammy of bad news at its doorstep today.  The company’s source code was leaked online, along with details on creator payouts, code from an unreleased Steam competitor, and other internal docs.... Read More

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