The Excelsior Pass Plus and NYS Wallet Apps will be decommissioned by New York State on July 28.

According to the New York State website , the app will no longer be available due to reduced demand for access to digital COVID-19 test and vaccine records. They add this is also due to the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11.

The Excelsior Pass Plus provided a secure and digital copy of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination record — including type, and site and date of vaccination.

Once the app is decommissioned, NYS will no longer recommend its use, and it will be removed from app store.

NYS says users can leave their pass in their phone should they need it in the future. They add should the app fail, no technical support will be available. NYS also says users can take a photo or screenshot of their pass to present as proof of vaccination.

Access to vaccination records are available through individual’s health care providers. Anyone with questions or concerns can reach out the Excelsior Help Desk at (844) 699-7277.