A new study from leading global talent, entertainment, sports and advisory company UTA titled “All Ears: The Booming Children’s & Family Podcast Market,” finds that children’s passion for podcasts has grown over the past year, and children, rather than parents, are the ones who typically initiate their time spent with this content type.

In fact, seven in 10 parents whose children consume podcasts regularly say their child is most likely to seek them out, instead of the parents suggesting them. This is one example of how children’s enthusiasm for podcasts has grown amid the many forms of entertainment and activities available to them.

The study, created by UTA IQ, the agency’s research, analytics, and insights division, is based on a nationally representative survey of 1,000 U.S. parents whose children ages three to 12 listen to and/or watch podcasts at least once a month.

Key findings include:

  • Kids are avid podcast listeners: around 48% of U.S. children consume podcasts weekly, with around two-thirds (67%) listening at least monthly.
  • Podcasts are family affairs: Nearly half (48%) of kid podcast fans consume podcasts with a parent always or most of the time, while 71% do so at least half of the time, underscoring the importance many parents place on family co-listening and -watching.
  • Kids’ interest is growing: 93% of parents surveyed indicated their children have become more interested in podcasts over the past year.

How children/parents discover podcasts & what they enjoy most:

  • Discovery Sources: 65% of kid podcast fans and their parents discover children’s podcasts based on recommendations from family and friends, while 58% get suggestions from social media. Children and parents are equally likely to be the first to discover children’s podcasts.
  • Favorite Genres: Children are interested in a wide variety of genres, with comedy, action/adventure, stories, education, and music/nursery rhymes yielding the most interest.
  • Importance of Familiar IP: 93% of the parents surveyed say their children are more likely to listen if the podcast is based on a character or entertainment franchise their child already knows.

When and how they engage:

  • Time & Place: Children listen or watch at home the most often, with the largest share of consumption happening on weekends and afternoons.
  • Episode Length: Children are most likely to enjoy podcasts for 11 to 20 minutes at a time.
  • Platform Choice: 82% of children consume podcasts on YouTube, while 55% do so on Spotify.
  • Paid Subscriptions: Nine in 10 parents with children who consume podcasts at least monthly are willing to pay for a subscription to children’s/family podcasts.

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