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5 Holiday Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Families gathered around lavish tables overflowing with turkey, ham, pumpkin pie and other delectable delights are a holiday tradition. But make the wrong food choices and all those visiting nieces and nephews will cringe when you give them a hug.... Read More

2017 Halloween Spending Survey & Scariest Credit Card Offers

Trick or Treat? Well, anyone who gets one of the 2017’s Worst Credit Cards certainly isn’t in for the latter. But those who check out WalletHub’s nationally representative Halloween Spending & Financial Fears Survey definitely have a treat... Read More

Need a last minute #Halloween costume? @RideGOTRAX has 4 easy #DIY #hoverboard ideas.

GOTRAX™, the new Denver-based brand of hoverboards and electric ride-ables on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibility for personal transportation, has released a list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to be out of this... Read More

Could LinkedIn become your next OTT streaming service?

Who isn’t ready to bid for the rights to stream NFL games? The current list is Google, Twitter, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook…..and now possibly LinkedIn?!?!?! The Microsoft-owned business social network, best known for displaying the... Read More

Four Tips to Eat Your Way to a Great Night’s Sleep

Who has not had a restless night’s sleep? Everyone does on occasion, but for many, it is an increasingly frequent experience. The typical explanation is the unparalleled distractions of our modern lifestyle. We email compulsively, text our... Read More

Sick ’48-Hour Challenge’ Facebook game is encouraging kids to go missing

Parents are being warned about a Facebook ‘game’ which encourages teenagers to go missing for 48 hours. Kids as young as 14 reported missing are believed to have taken part in the 48-Hour Challenge. The youngsters often do it in pairs or... Read More

Opioid Crisis Affects Even Oral Health

The opioid crisis is reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, and the number of opioid-related deaths has risen steadily for years, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Those addicted can experience numerous side effects, such... Read More

Scrub Daddy revolutionizes cleaning again with new Scrub Daisy dishwand system

Scrub Daddy, Inc., ( the company behind the patented smiley faced sponge which has become the most successful company in the history of ABC’s Emmy winning show Shark Tank, today introduced The Scrub Daisy Dishwand System®.  This... Read More

Watch Out For This Netflix Scam Trying To Trick You!

There is almost 1.5 million new phishing sites popping up every month – and they’re becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Even the savviest cybersecurity professionals can fall victim to these scams. Read about the latest scam aimed... Read More

How many new phishing sites pop up every month?

Every month, almost 1.5 million new phishing websites are created. This is according to a new report by Webroot, showing just how big of an industry phishing really is. The Webroot Quarterly Threat Trends Report says that 1.385 million new phishing... Read More

Soundstream Debuts New Apple CarPlay Source Unit

In a continued effort to provide the latest in innovation and technology, Soundstream will be introducing an all-new Apple CarPlay®  unit in the coming weeks. As an added bonus, this unit will also be SiriusXM-Ready™ (SVX300 Connect Vehicle Tuner... Read More

NIAAA Launches its new Alcohol Treatment Navigator!

NIAAA’s Alcohol Treatment Navigator points the way to quality treatment A new online resource is now available to help people recognize and find high quality care for alcohol use disorder, which affects more than 15 million adults in the United... Read More

6 Ways to Control Stress Sweat

Stress is bad enough on its own. Unfortunately for most of us, however, stress usually also brings with it stress sweat, which tends to be particularly stinky, staining, and embarrassing. Given that there are two to four million sweat glands... Read More

Encouraging Art In A Child Develops A Creative Thinker In Adulthood

From the living room to the board room and many points in between, today’s world is often complicated, requiring layers of thought in order to unravel the solution. Or like a light bulb, the right idea for business success might just suddenly flicker... Read More

The Bright Side After Divorce

When your divorce is finally final, how do you begin again? The transition can be liberating for some, daunting for others. Mixed feelings – anger, relief, sadness, joy, fear and uncertainty – are common and may take time to sort out. Meanwhile,... Read More

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