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Do you have a toxic boss?

With the amount of time we spend at work each day, it’s no wonder that a boss can make or break the experience. It’s been said that people leave bosses rather than jobs, and the statistics back this up. According to a recent study, 60% of... Read More

10 Ways to Get Along with Co-workers

Put any group of people together and there’s bound to be a variety of strong opinions and conflict over different choices. You see it all the time with coworkers. Human nature being what it is, each coworker has his or her own agenda and... Read More

Amazon is removing third party sellers with coronavirus remedies

Amazon is removing products for sale in its marketplace that claim to treat or protect against coronavirus, according to an email obtained by CNBC. The company told merchants who sell on that any products claiming to treat the... Read More

How to keep your washing machine odor free

A lot of dirt, soap, lint, softener and water pass through your washing machine. Over time, they form a residue where odor-causing bacteria and other microorganisms can grow. These steps can get rid of washer odor and keep it from coming back. Let... Read More

How to help Puerto Rico after deadly earthquake

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico before dawn, killing one man, injuring at least eight other people and collapsing buildings in the southern part of the island. The quake was followed by a series of strong aftershocks, part of a 10-day... Read More

Raising Awareness About Sex Trafficking and Child Abuse

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month and January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  It’s never too early to have meaningful dialogues with your children and teens about the issue of child abuse and sex traffic... Read More

7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child

What can you tell a teacher that will help him do his job better? You might be surprised. While your child’s teacher is the expert in education, no one knows more about your child than you do. It’s just as important for parents to tell teachers... Read More

7 inarguable signs your job security is at risk

At first, you assure yourself you’re being paranoid, but eventually, the clues start to add up. There are many reasons why you may find your job security at risk, and not all of them have to do with you being a ‘bad’ employee. Sometimes... Read More

Telecoms aren’t worried about Google and Amazon’s plans to disrupt wireless

Two major tech giants may be looking into expanding the breadth of their services and increasing engagement with customers by moving into providing wireless connectivity. Google and Amazon already provide consumers with a range of services... Read More

Netflix’s The Witcher Commands Audiences In First Week

Netflix’s fantasy drama The Witcher is beating even Baby Yoda as a breakout hit in its first week of release, surpassing Disney+ pacesetter The Mandalorian in terms of audience interest worldwide among streaming... Read More

Five Technology Education Trends That Could Fail in 2020

Technology in education, like most other areas of education, has fads, buzzwords, and trends that come and go often. There have been many predictions in the past regarding the future of technology in schools. This list contains a variety of trends... Read More

What is a snow squall?

Cell phones across the city lit up Wednesday afternoon with National Weather Service alerts of snow squalls moving through the Tri-State area. Snow squalls are brief but powerful blasts of powder, often swept by “strong gusty... Read More

Tips to prevent porch pirate thefts

The holiday shopping season is here, which means you’re probably buying a lot of gifts online! Statistics show that package thefts across the country have increased in recent years. C+R Research shows that 36% of Americans have had a... Read More

Is Your Child Oversharing on Social Media

Kids share a lot on social media. Your child might use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or another platform you haven’t even heard of. But how do you know when your child is sharing too much, or oversharing? Hear from teen psychiatrist Jodi... Read More

QSnatch malware already infected thousands of QNAP NAS devices

Thousands of QNAP NAS devices have been infected with the QSnatch malware Hackers have infected thousands of network-attached storage (NAS) devices from Taiwanese vendor QNAP with a new strain of malware named QSnatch. Over 7,000 infections... Read More

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