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The Guide To Healthy Dining Out!

THE GUIDE TO HEALTHY DINING OUT Try to choose eating establishments that are likely to have healthier choices, or will cook to your preferences. Don’t be afraid to ask for dressings on the side, less butter in cooked dishes, baked potato instead of... Read More

Guardians Of The Galaxy VOL. 2 – Teaser Trailer

Here is the new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2! GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is in theaters May 5, 2017! Follow GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 on Twitter: Follow Marvel on... Read More

Interested in stopping fake news sites – go where the money is….

Since the Presidential election two weeks ago, there has been an enormous amount of consternation and hand-wringing over highly-profitable websites that make up completely fake political news stories that spread like wildfire on the Internet. Buzzfeed,... Read More

The Secret Life of Streamers: Devices, Content, Mobility, and Quality

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable watching video on all the screens at their disposal. This infographic examines the ins-and-outs of their relationship with streaming content. Drawing on exclusive never before released data we... Read More

Healthy Holiday Travel Checklist for Asthmatics

According to AAA, 48 million Americans plan to travel this Thanksgiving.  As families prepare to head home for the holidays, there’s a word of warning amid all the prep.  Don’t let the stress turn into potential forgetfulness that could... Read More

Best Things to Buy on Black Friday – 2016

With 63 percent of American consumers saying that Black Friday doesn’t offer the best deals of the year, the personal-finance website WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2016’s Best Things to Buy on Black Friday. WalletHub determined that more... Read More

Staying Spooky, Happy and Healthy on Halloween.

Most households throughout the US provide goodies for trick-or-treaters on Halloween  — and kids aren’t the only ones to partake in the spooky fun. Energize with Pre-Festivity Fuel Candy bars and lollipops are ok in moderation, but going overboard... Read More

Straight Talk About Child Care

In a continued effort to feature policy solutions that help all women and families, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released the latest video in its “Straight Talk” series – Straight Talk About Child Care. Child care is at the forefront of... Read More

Why Should You Wear A Seatbelt?

Forget statistics, campaigns or pleas from car manufacturers. As the history of the seatbelt shows, the most effective way to get drivers and passengers to buckle up is to hit them where it hurts: in their wallets. Although lap belts were offered in... Read More

5 Non-Negotiable Soft Skills for STEM Jobs

Mastering highly technical skill sets can be invaluable for anyone seeking to land a STEM job, but there’s a peculiar trend happening in the tech space. Many otherwise prime candidates for important roles are finding themselves ill-equipped when it... Read More

How Well Video Is Doing – #Twitter

As video continues to take over social media feeds as the preferred mode of content, we’re tracking the nuances of this trend within its own network to help advertising partners get an idea of who’s watching what, when they’re... Read More

It’s time for my favorite Fall TV show w/ #FIOSNY.

It’s time for my favorite Fall TV show “CW’s The Flash” to return on Tuesday, Oct 4th. You’ve heard it time and time again over the past six months — ever since “Batman v. Superman” stampeded through theaters, destroying... Read More

National Coffee Day (September 29th) “Coffee By The Numbers”

In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29th, KRUPS surveyed people across the country on their coffee preferences and came up with some enlightening statistics. Below you will find a detailed infographic, highlights include: Coffee vs Cell... Read More

Heroic Henry & the Nutty Bugs

In Heather Finn’s new book, Heroic Henry & the Nutty Bugs, Henry Hutter is a ten-year old boy who is nuts about peanut butter. By far his favorite food, Henry is happy to eat it on anything and everything. Henry’s little sister, Maggie, is... Read More

How Will the Election Impact the Economy?

Employers are keeping a close eye on the economy and the markets in the next two months as a wild presidential race engulfs the country. They are asking: Should they increase hiring, freeze it or cut back? Many experts say the economy is relatively... Read More

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