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Fireworks Safety

We know fireworks are fun and young kids look adorable holding those sparklers. Unfortunately, fireworks can cause serious injuries to children, including devastating burns and other injuries. The best way to keep your children safe is to not use... Read More

10 Podcasts for Family Summer Car Trips

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for the past 10 years. I primarily listen when I’m commuting to work or car rides with the family. These days podcasts can be incredibly engaging. This week I was inspired by a Scott Van Pelt... Read More

5 Tips for Making the Big Move Smoother for You and Your Kids

Let’s face it: the process of moving house is a lot of work. While you may be excited at the prospect of living in a brand new home, there’s a lot to do before you can properly settle down — whether it’s organizing the logistics of the move or... Read More

Best States for Working Dads

With Father’s Day approaching and over 93 percent of dads with young kids working today, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Best & Worst States for Working Dads.In order to help dads balance their... Read More

What Packages and Mail Are Coming To My Home?

The United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx all offer online dashboards where you can see exactly what packages (and letters, in the case of the US Postal Service) are scheduled to arrive at your address. They’ll even email and send you text... Read More

What will happen to my music and movies?

Apple announced on Monday that it would phase out iTunes on its upcoming operating system in favor of three new apps: Music, TV and Podcasts.Though iTunes as we know it will be no more, you don’t have to worry about losing those iTunes... Read More

10 Tips for Replacing Your Roof

Replacing your roof is a big expense that, fortunately, you only have to manage every 20 to 30 years. If you’re due for a new roof, you probably have a lot of questions about the process and what to look for when hiring a contractor. These 10 tips... Read More


Sometimes babies are so peaceful and quiet in the backseat that we can forget they are even there, and it can be tempting to leave a sleeping baby in the car so we don’t have to wake them up while we quickly run into the store. But leaving a child... Read More

How to Choose a Free Donut on National Donut Day

It’s that glorious time of year again! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and this Friday, June 7, donut lovers across the country have a whole day to celebrate their favorite hole-y treats. That’s right, folks, Friday... Read More

Pee in the Pool Toxic or Just Gross?

It’s no secret that pee finds its way into swimming pools. In fact, the typical residential pool contains about two gallons of urine. What’s worse, there are other, more alarming contaminants lurking in the depths, and pee in the pool could... Read More

EWG Releases 2019 Guide to Sunscreens

Today EWG released its 13th Annual Guide to Sunscreens, which rates the safety and efficacy of more than 1300 SPF products, including sunscreens, daily moisturizers and lip balms with SPF values. EWG researchers found that... Read More

Best Questions to Ask on College Visits

By Casey Near One of the ways to get the most out of your limited time on a college visit is to ask meaningful questions. The two most common on-campus experiences for prospective students (the college tour and the information session) can often be... Read More

What Is “Fire Debt”?

Fire debt, or a fire deficit, is caused by fire suppression which has led to the unnatural buildup of fuels. At some point that debt has to come due in the form of burning the buildup of excess fuel. The fear is larger and more dangerous fires than... Read More

5 Common Copyright Myths Debunked

The vast majority of music that you’re familiar with is subject to copyright. Artists want to protect their music and be sure that they’re getting paid whenever it gets used. And rightfully so! They put in a lot of hard work to create... Read More

igloohome Launches The World’s Most Versatile Smart Padlock

igloohome has officially launched its Smart Padlock, a versatile, remotely-managed security solution that provides owners with convenient access control to their properties and assets.  Featuring an innovative PIN code technology that allows... Read More

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