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Brighter Spots for Asthma

Of the 100 cities ranked, these 10 are the best.  For the most part, they have less poverty, better school asthma programs, and better access to health care. But they also have cleaner air and good smoking bans. The result: fewer ER visits and deaths,... Read More

Healthy Holiday Travel Checklist for Asthmatics

According to AAA, 48 million Americans plan to travel this Thanksgiving.  As families prepare to head home for the holidays, there’s a word of warning amid all the prep.  Don’t let the stress turn into potential forgetfulness that could... Read More

7 Healthy Must-Haves for Living in a College Dorm

Going off to college and living in a dorm will perhaps be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, but unfortunately, it’s not always the most sanitary of conditions. How can you stay healthy? To help make it both a fun and healthy... Read More

Natural Suggestions For allergy sufferers – Sara Chana

NATURAL SUGGESTIONS FOR ALLERGY SUFFERERS By Sara Chana, IBCLC RH (AHG) The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and at the day’s end, there are beautiful sunsets to be seen. While this is seemingly a most blissful time for all, there is a... Read More