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#NeverOnTime @latenightparent

Join Ted Hicks & Rich Valdez as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses today’s current events, social topics & raising kids in this current time.    Topics: Youth Sports & the future of the show Hurricane Dorian /... Read More

Ransomware attack reported at Entercom stations

Entercom Communications won’t confirm reports that it has been crippled by a companywide ransomware attack, affecting email, internet, telephones, music scheduling, production, billing and other internal digital systems. “We are... Read More

MegaCortex ransomware and “The Matrix”

It’s easy to forget that malware authors are regular human beings with hobbies and interests – not that different from their many victims, in fact. Take the tendency to embed references to popular culture in malware – as the creator of a new... Read More

The State Of Malware

Malwarebytes reports that ransomware detections increased 90% between 2016 and 2017 but that development of ransomware families have grown stale. While ransomware continues to be a threat, trends indicate that state sponsored ‘bad actors’ have... Read More

Ways To Avoid Phishing and Ransomware

In many of the recent attacks, the initial entry point into the target organization has been attributed to employee error. Specifically, employees have clicked on attachments or hyperlinks in email or on web sites that provide the means of compromising... Read More

Virus alert: Locky ransomware

There is news that the Locky ransomware has been reactivated and it is now spreading using a new spam campaign. Here is a summary of what you should know: It’s  ransomware: the virus will encrypt the victim’s computer files until a ransom... Read More

Acronis True Image 2018 Brings AI-Based Data Protection To Home Users

 The Industry’s First Intelligent Backup with an A.I.-based Ransomware Defense Redefines Personal and Home Office Data Protection Acronis, a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection for business and consumers, today introduced Acronis True... Read More

Education is a major ransomware target

2017 will go down as the year ransomware hit the mainstream, thanks largely to malware known variously as WannaCry, WannaCrypt or WannaCryptor 2.0. The malicious software compromised systems across Asia, Europe and beyond, affecting high-profile... Read More

#Ransomware – @LateNightParent

Listen to “#Ransomware – @latenightparent” on Spreaker. Join Rich Valdez and Ted Hicks as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product... Read More

2016 Malware Year in Review Report – @PhishMe

An at-a-glance 2016 Year in Review Malware Infographic, with a close look at the fastest-growing attack vector of the past year: Ransomware. PhishMe’s research team found that the explosive growth of ransomware was the most significant trend of... Read More

How Can You Prevent A Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware is the digital version of extortion. It’s as simple as that. It uses age-old tactics to carry out a modern day crime, but the elements behind it are as old as human criminal activity itself. ... Read More

#WorldBackupDay @Acronis Twitter Party 3/30 9pm-10pm ET

Friends don’t let friends go without a backup…and March 31st is World Backup Day!  Late Night Parents along with bloggers extraordinaire are hosting a Twitter Party on Thursday, March 30th from 9p / E to 10p  /E! Party... Read More

[email protected] TWITTER PARTY – DEC7th 9-10p / E #AcronisDataSafe #ad

TWITTER PARTY DECEMBER 7th (TONIGHT) Late Night Parents along with bloggers extraordinaire @dadarocks,  @gaynycdad  and @nycsinglemom are hosting a Twitter Party this (TONIGHT) Wednesday, December 7 from 9p / E to 10p  /E! Join the Acronis... Read More

Ransomware Infections Double In Two Years

In June 2016 a total of 1,138 companies were surveyed in a variety of industries and compared levels of concern about ransomware in 2014 to 2016. It’s not a pretty picture.  There is growing apprehension over ransomware, rising to 79% from... Read More