Episode 24: The Bachelor

Watch the replay here http://vimeo.com/latenightparents/s01e24

Adam and Josh kick of the show talking about the latest and greatest in the news. Tonight Adam going all Bachelor on us since the family is out of town.

The guys kick off the show talking about one of their favorite strollers, MacLaren and all the fun giveaways they’ve been able to do.

Vaccines and the question of whether or not there is any link to Autism has been in the news as of late. Adam and Josh explore their thoughts on vaccinations, autism, and the parents role in making informed decisions.

The boys dated themselves when they started talking on the topic of Gaming. Atari, Intellivision, and many other consoles were the rage back with the LNP Dads were kids. Now with all of the new advances in game consoles and games our kids are actively enjoying hours of entertainment. Josh and Adam talk about the world of Games and Gaming.

Adam and Josh share the latest apps they’re using on their mobile devices. Tonight they reviewed Thomas and Friends: Misty Island and Atomic Web


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  1. Zach

    Great show as always, guys!

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