WWJD: What Would JimCaldwell Do?


Dear Coach Jim Caldwell,

What should you do?  NO, there’s not enough time to watch LeBron’s NIKE commercial.  And if that was the case, then you would only have to watch three quarters of the commercial.  You’re winless, no timetable for when Peyton Manning returns, the Tressel debacle, Kerry Collins concussed, and Curtis Painter (6th round draft pick) as your savior.  Talk about the cards being stacked and trying to figure out how to motivate your team for another twelve meaningless games.

Let’s state the obvious – Peyton signs a 5YR/90MIL contract with 23MIL going against this year’s cap.  When Manning returns, he’s a thirty-six year old quarterback trying to return to the NFL from a neck injury.  I would never say throw in the towel on Manning, but a 1-15 season could create an opportunity to nab Stanford’s Andrew Luck.  Manning is currently contributing in a new advisory (player/coach) role and sits in the coaches’ booth during games.

Bill Polian (Vice Chairman) performed Commissioner Roger Goodell’s dirty work and suspended your “game day consultant” after the 24HR news cycle began to spin and question the equity in this hire.  Not that Caldwell is going anywhere, but talk about a backup plan for 2014?  Kerry Collins as your answer and not contact the Bengals about Carson Palmer?  It’s time for the Curtis Painter era to officially begin.

Jim Tressel (former Ohio State coach and suspended game day consultant) – Can you say PR nightmare?  At least, when Tressel returns, hopefully he’ll take some attention from this year’s abysmal season.

Regardless, Colts Nation – there’s some real concern with the team.  Tony Dungy isn’t coming back to give any pep talks and the “Coach” needs to grab the reigns to prove the naysayers wrong.  Yes, you’re dealing with an overbearing owner and general manager (hasn’t that become the norm) that call the shots, but remember that you control the talent on the field.  We’re rooting for you to get the first WIN in the POST-Manning era.



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