As a parent, homeowner and co-manager of a tight budget – when the children grow up and progress pass the mischievous stage – is usually when you begin your research on making the necessary upgrades in your home.  If you’re looking for ideas and cost effective ways to upgrade your home – I’ve found a possible option.  Yes, there are various companies that put on traveling road shows on HGTV and Bravo, but not many do it as gracefully as the American Consumer Shows.  These events allow you to get up close and personal with other homeowners that have identical questions and subject matter experts to provide multiple solutions. (IE: cost effective to beyond glamorous)

I attended the show as I’ve been interested in having the interior rooms painted (after all of years when my son would take a marker to the freshly painted walls), landscaping and hot tub purchase.  These items were right up my alley as I’ve begun to prepare the list of potential Spring 2012 projects.

If you’re interested in attending future shows – then I’ve included its schedule for the next calendar year.