PetFlow is an online service that saves you from the hassles of feeding your pet, and likewise saves another dog or cat from being hungry again. There will be no more hungry days for your pet with just a simple setup and a few clicks on your computer.  Owning a pet at home is like having a loyal friend in the form of a dog or cat. But, taking care of your furry friend also means doing a lot of responsibilities in order to raise a happy and healthy pet.

PetFlow has a wide selection of popular brands of dog foods and cat foods (and litters) such as Stella & Chewey’s, Go!, Fromm, Halo, Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Honest Kitchen and many others. If your pet is eating a specific brand that is not on their list, all you have to do is suggest the name to them and the company will be more than willing to add your suggested brand on their lineup. Once you made your choice, arrange a delivery schedule ahead of time to ensure that the pet food will be at your door on time.

I spoke with a customer (Mrs. Michelle Grey) that tried the PetFlow service.  Mrs. Grey stated “The website was easy to navigate thru.  I found all the name brands and the cost were $5-10.00 lower than Pet Smart. I thought the checkout could have gone a little smoother with using coupons, however overall I would shop on again.”

So, how does PetFlow work?