Following months of buildup than encompassed seemingly nonstop industry buzz and transmedia marketing, mobile-only streaming platform Quibi’s launch day is in the history books. Preliminary estimates from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform reveal that more than 300,000 mobile users in the service’s launch markets of the United States and Canada installed the app yesterday.

As the chart below shows, this debut placed Quibi at 7.5 percent of the approximately 4 million installs seen by Disney+ in the U.S. and Canada when it launched there on November 12, 2019. HBO NOW, in comparison, was installed approximately 45,000 times at its launch on April 7, 2015, five days ahead of the Game of Thrones season five premiere.

Quibi Day One Downloads Compared to Competitors

Quibi’s release figures were bolstered by a lengthy pre-order period, effectively front-loading a significant number of downloads into its launch day.

Quibi is offering a 90 day free trial for those who sign up on its website, which will account for many of the day one downloads. After that 90 day period, we’ll see a more accurate number for Quibi subscriptions.