The NFL is developing a premium subscription-based outlet that would offer audio, video, podcasts and team content. Plans for what is tentatively called NFL Plus were unveiled at the annual NFL owners’ meetings in Palm Beach, FL, according to The Athletic.

NFL games had previously been available on mobile devices and Yahoo for tablets and computers. The Athletic says that deal has expired and that moving forward, streaming game-day broadcasts will require a subscription to NFL Plus.

The league has offered NFL Game Pass, which lets fans stream video and audio of games for individual teams. The new package looks to add more content for subscribers, including podcasts and exclusive team content. The owners will likely vote on the new subscription streaming service in May.

“It makes perfect sense that the NFL would be exploring the development of a streaming channel, much like they developed platforms for cable and satellite when each was cutting-edge media technology,” sports media consultant Lee Berke told The Athletic. “That noted, any streaming launch could tie into the NFL’s negotiations to potentially sell a portion of NFL Media to a technology partner like Apple or Amazon.”